Photo Credit: courtesy, Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets)
Image of explosion at Iranian base at Mount Azzan near Aleppo, Syria

A large explosion that took place Monday at an Iranian weapons depot located in a Syrian military base in the Tel Sultan area in the eastern Syrian province of Idlib has been “explained” by a Syrian news site, which claimed the blast was due to “overheating.”

The explosion had generated a host of tweets but few answers about its cause. A few sources speculated that the explosion was the result of an Israeli air strike, but these were all unconfirmed.


The explosion was subsequently “explained” in an English-language report on a Syrian website.

The report posted at 1:00 am by the Syrian Al-Masdar News said, “The powerful explosion that was reported near the Abu Dhuhour Military Airport on Monday was due to overheating at a local ammo depot. No soldiers or civilians were hurt as a result of the explosion.

“This is the second major explosion to take place at a Syrian military installation as a result of overheating in the last ten days,” the news outlet added, noting at 5:15 pm local time that “pro-opposition activists” had reported the explosion was due to an “Israeli air strike on an Iranian ammunition depot” earlier in the day, but the report was unconfirmed.