Photo Credit: Erik Marmor/Flash90
Israeli army and rescue forces near the earthquake-struck city Kahramanmaras, Turkey, February 8, 2023.

The number of victims from the Palestinian Authority in the earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria this week has risen to 68, al-Quds reported Wednesday. Twenty bodies were recovered in Turkey, and 48 in Syria.

Syria has nine official refugee camps and three unofficial refugee ones, with 499,189 UNRWA-registered refugees.


PA Ambassador to Turkey, Fayed Mustafa, said rescue workers pulled a PA man named Amjad Al-Qadi alive from under the rubble in the Turkish city of Antioch, but his wife, in her ninth month of pregnancy, perished. The Ambassador expects the number of PA victims to increase as the search continues for individuals buried under the rubble.

In Syria, PA Ambassador Samir Rifai said six members of one PA family are still under the rubble in the town of Jabla, as rescue workers continue to search for survivors. He said the search continued Wednesday morning at the al-Raml refugee camp in northern Syria where one woman was found alive while four members of her family remain under the rubble. Her husband was found dead.


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