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Smotrich vs. Erdogan

Following Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s announcement about stopping Turkish exports to Israel, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich on Thursday announced an increase to 100% in customs duties on imports from Turkey. His decision will be submitted to the Netanyahu cabinet for approval.

The resolution to be submitted for the government’s approval next week will remain in effect until Erdogan leaves office.


Minister Smotrich issued a statement saying “The tariff increase on imports from Turkey is a proper Zionist response to Erdogan. Turkish President Erdogan stands at the forefront of the defense of the Hamas ISIS monsters who carried out the terrible massacre on October 7, and in his public statements, he challenges Israel’s right to self-defense.

His announcement of stopping exports to Israel constitutes a declaration of an economic boycott and a serious violation of international trade agreements to which Turkey has committed. For too many years, the State of Israel struggled with Erdogan’s antisemitism. Not on my shift. We have national honor and national pride and a strong economy that does not need favors and certainly won’t support those who fight against it. If at the end of Erdogan’s term, the citizens of Turkey elect a sane leader who does not hate Israel, it would be possible to return trade relations with Turkey to normal.”

According to the finance minister, all the reduced customs rates applicable to goods imported from Turkey to Israel based on an agreement to aiming to establish a free trade zone for Israel and Turkey will be abolished.

In addition, a duty will be imposed on any product imported from Turkey to Israel at a rate of 100% of the value of the goods in addition to the existing duty rate.

Smotrich cited a survey of the Israel Manufacturers Association, as well as a follow-up analysis, alternative countries would be China, Eastern Europe, Greece, Germany, Cyprus, and Taiwan.

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