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Woman praying at new Reform area while media shoot

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday afternoon referred to the problems that have risen regarding the “Reform Kotel” outline, saying he was working to find a solution, among other things by appointing his bureau chief David Sharan to coordinate the debate on this issue.

Netanyahu announced, “About two months ago the government decided to apply the recommendations of an advisory board regarding the coordination of prayers at the Western wall. After the decision had been made, some difficulties have arisen, for which we are working to find a solution.”


The “difficulties” came in the form of both ultra-Orthodox parties in Netanyahu’s coalition who declared their absolute objection to any official recognition of any Reform presence anywhere near the Kotel, come what may. Both Shas and the UTJ declared they would leave the government over this issue. They also protested that the change in the Kotel area, awarding a portion of the plaza to the Reform, had been done without consulting the ministry of religious services, the chief rabbis, the Kotel rabbi and the two ultra-Orthodox parties. They reminded Netanyahu that the coalition agreement he had signed with the ultra-Orthodox gives them veto power over every religion-related issue.

Netanyahu reiterated his determination to find a just and satisfying solution to this dilemma, which is why he appointed his bureau chief and ordered him to come up with a solution in 60 days. And since the only solution acceptable to the ultra-Orthodox is the complete rejection of the Reform from the Kotel, we should expect those 60 days to be extended to fit the full length of the life of the current government.



  1. Inasmuch as Israel appreciates and welcomes American tourism and support, it DOES NOT give us the right to meddle in their laws or force them to change it… Israelis alone decide and elect their officials and not anybody else no matter the cause

  2. Why is the government in a panic? In another generation, the fad, known as Reform Judaism, will become another Protestant religion. Why? Because in 2015, their intermarriage rate in America was 90%. The membership in their Temples is in a state of rapid decline. Few of their children are halachically Jewish.

  3. if conform club members want to be counted, then an aliyah head count is what adds up to having representation in the holy land. trouble is, nothing is holy to the conformers any more other than political causes and fighting against the only successful brand of Judaism- orthodoxy in its different forms.
    Conformers are in deep trouble, heading toward distinction and will never admit their faults and correct them in time to be saved. It's all about quality and not quantity.

    If the conformers chose not to dilute, not to denude, and not to
    dispute the Torah, its commandments and the contract Jews have with G-d, they would have a chance of hanging on.
    they cut the roots and the shoots of dynamic Judaism and are now paying the price.

    thank G-d the numbers of traditional Jews are growing in leaps and bounds making up for the world war's loss of Jewry and the modern day 'progressive' regressive destroyers of Jewish life.

  4. The women of the wall are man haters. I know people like this. They had bad relationships are spent their lives consumed with hate and revenge. Many don't even want to be women. They wear men's suits and have men's haircuts. Seriously screwed up. I once passed them at the Kotel and they were leering at me and my frienss. Disgusting! It was so gross. They give me the heeby gibbies.

  5. The woman in the photo is Bonna Haberman z"l. Bonna was a founder of Women of the Wall. She died of cancer in June 2016. The Women of the Wall are sincere Jewish women including Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Reform, Conservative/Masorti, Reconstructionist, Renewal and unaffiliated.

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