Photo Credit: Gershon Elinson / Flash 90
The Orot Etzion school in Efrat reopens. May 3, 2020

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday approved an outline for the reopening of the Israeli education system.

The outline was a joint effort by the director-general of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Ronen Peretz in conjunction with the National Security Council, the Health Ministry, the Finance Ministry, the Federation of Local Authorities and the Regional Council Center.


The expansion of the reopening of the school system is to begin this Sunday (May 17) on a voluntary basis and “in accordance with the readiness of local authorities,” it was emphasized.

1. The education system will fully open beginning from age 0 except in areas which are centers of morbidity. The intention is those areas that were restricted over the past two months as well as additional areas that were centers of morbidity.

2. Ahead of 1 June, an additional assessment will be made in order to evaluate the list of cities in which there is high morbidity.

3. Hygiene will be fully and strictly maintained in accordance with Health Ministry directives, which will include – inter alia – washing hands, maximum separation in the lavatories, etc. Nothing in the foregoing shall detract from other general directives that have been issued to the education system.

4. Every pupil will present a declaration of health upon entering school.

5. Strict care will be taken regarding the wearing of masks in open areas during recess periods. Pupils from fourth grade and up will also wear masks during class.

6. Two meters’ distance will be maintained during meals.

7. Breaks between classes will be staggered.

8. Schools and kindergartens will work to move most of their activities to places in which it will be possible to maintain two meters’ distance.

9. Any framework in which morbidity will be discovered will be closed in accordance with Health Ministry guidelines.

10. PMO Director General Peretz will head a small team to prepare the education system for an additional wave of morbidity.


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