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IDF Switches Flags in Shechem

H/T to Tsap Magazine for sharing there were angry Arab reports Thursday morning when the locals in south Shechem discovered that a school there had undergone some overnight alterations. It appears that an IDF unit with a fantastic sense of humor took down the PLO flag (a.k.a. the flag of Palestine) that was hanging from the masthead and replaced it with the flag of Israel (a.k.a. the Jewish State).

The sign on the school reads:


State of Palestine
The Ministry of Education
South Nablus District
Al-Lubban Secondary School for Girls

I checked out the school’s Facebook page and, lo and behold, there was the story:

Now, here’s the translation of what these folks had to say about the prank:

Two photos: a scene that reflects the horror of the occupation and the settlers… Breaking into the #Alaban_high_school_for_girls_in_education in south Nablus, taking down the flag of Palestine and raising the flag of the occupation. Thus, raising the Palestinian flag back in its place; in a message of affirmation and insistence to protect and promote education, and keep its feet alive.

Earlier they posted:

Morning of violations, challenge and endurance. The school was broken into at night and [they] removed the flag of our country Palestine and its capital Jerusalem. And raised the Israeli flag. Our school will remain honored with its flag and students and with its Palestinian national anthem.

No sense of humor.

They also posted this earlier this week. Nice girls.

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