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The Palestinians have started the first phase of construction of a museum devoted to their "history."

The cornerstone was laid Thursday for a new museum north of Ramallah to show off 200 years of the culture of “Palestinians,” another Arab effort to invent a past that has no future.

It is a lot easier to convince the world that Israel is “occupying its land” if Arabs can show that the “Palestinians” existed 200 years ago and were not invented by Yasser Arafat.  If you want to be particular, a case can be made that the term “Palestinian” was used in 1921 at the  Syrian-Palestinian Congress, but then it must be taken in context at the time that Palestine is part of Syria.


“Palestine” used to be one of the two names of the land under the British Mandate — Palestina-Eretz Israel. The re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 all of a sudden reminded some Arabs that maybe they are Palestinians, but it was the Six-Day War in 1967 that gave Arafat the opportunity to fire up the concept.

All that was missing was a past, and the Palestinian Authority has become the master of inventing history.

Since Arafat, it has been popular to rewind the tape and define “Arabs in Palestine” as Palestinians, with a nation and culture of its own.

Rather than be open to the charge that the idea of a “Palestinian people” was invented only as a reaction to the Six-Day War, this Arab museum’s sponsors start with the fiction that such a people existed 200 years ago.

The bigger lie is the 3,500-year Palestinian history, dating back to the Bible, which, as everyone knows, incorrectly states that the forefather Abraham bound his son Isaac (Yitzchak) for a sacrifice to God.

Everyone knows just as well as Arab clerics that the Bible really speaks of the Binding of Ishmael, Abraham’s son conceived through the non-Jewish handmaid Hagar. The Jews, of course, changed the original version. That’s what happens when someone controls the media.

And everyone knows that Jesus was a Palestinian.

And everyone knows that Rachel’s Tomb is actually the Bilal ibn Rabah mosque, dating back more than 2,000 years before Islam was founded.

The Palestinian Authority  first made that claim in 1996, but obviously it did not so earlier because of fears of Israeli retaliation, or more likely, because the whole world would have fallen over laughing since at that time the Palestinian Authority was far away from using the  peace process to disguise itself as a terrorist organization under the guise of a peace process. Just don’t tell the State Department because no one there has a sense of humor.

Still, 200 years of history is not a bad lie, and one good lie breeds a another, through the courtesy of international media that insidiously indoctrinates the public

“The organizers hope the museum will lead to partnerships in other territories where Palestinians live. There are refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, along with Palestinian communities in the West, particularly in Chile,” reported the Associated Press  Thursday.

Palestinian communities in  the West? Are second, third and fourth-generation Italians in the United States called Italians?

Are third-generation Chinese in  Canada called Chinese? Not a chance.

But how about the fourth generation of Arabs who once lived in Israel? An Arab in Israel in 1948 was an Arab, or was considered an Arab from Palestine.

All of this was changed by the United Nations, everyone’s favorite NGO for dis-uniting nations. It helped reinvent history and created an empire for itself not only by classifying descendants,  wherever they live,  as Palestinians, but also calling every generation “refugees,” in contradiction of its own policy that the status of a refugee starts and ends with the generation that has fled its host country.

Now, with all the lies in place, the Palestinian Authority can set out to use the museum to manufacture a culture that was Arab in Palestine and now is re-termed “Palestine” and go back as far as it wants to create a “Palestinian” history.

Of course, no good Arab museum in Judea and Samaria can exist without focusing on the Nakba – catastrophe – of the establishment of Israel on part of the land of what was termed Palestine by the British.

But Jews also lived in the British Mandate’s “Palestine” and are no less Palestinian than Arabs, but let’s not the truth get in anyone’s way. It might disturb the peace process.



  1. good article, but for the future, you should know that grammatically it's: 'would have fallen over laughing,' not 'would have fell over.." and yes. third or tenth generation Chinese are still called Chinese as their ethnicity, so perhaps they might be called Chinese-American or Chinese-Canadians,…just as 3rd or 4th generation Italians still call themselves Italian Americans. I don't necessarily agree, but that's how they see themselves, so I think using this example takes away from the legitimacy of your arguments.

  2. Canada is multi-cultural so, yes the Chinese are still called Chinese (Asian), and the Italians, The French, etc. still call themselves by their ethnic origins. Noone even knows what a Canadian is because we're ALL immigrants on this land mass, America included.

  3. A to top it all for the "Palestinians" can't even pronounce the word. There is no letter representing "P" in Arabic – they use an "F" sound or Philisitian which is Hebrew for "Invader from over the seas". That is what they call themselves.

  4. rue, but the pronunciation is more like 'Filasteen' which is more clearly the rendition of 'Philistine' (rather than 'Philistia' from the Roan version of the Ehyptian 'Peles et' which means the phrase you mentioned when rendered into the Hebrew. Egyptians called them the Sea Peoples', the Hebrews 'Invaders' and those who use the name now fail to realise that the ACTUAL Philistines of the 'Pentapolis' (league of five cities' disappeared with the assimilation of the remains of Askelon after the Assyrians whipped them and they became acculturated into the surrounding populations…including absorption by the Judeans.

  5. This just further illustrates the ignorance of arabs…."palestine" is a geographic area….it's like calling someone a "New Englander"….ANYONE….INCLUDING JEWS, CHRISTIANS, ATHIESTS, ETC…who live in this area would be correctly considered "palestinians"…it is a meaningless term as far as politics, nationality, religion, etc.etc.etc…are concerned! Jews have a much older claim to the land they now live in….take a hike "palestinians"…..

  6. It is highly likely that a man with a strong Hebrew name like Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu speaks and writes English as a second language. I could be wrong, but that is the impression I get from his articles here and elsewhere.

  7. Never ceases to surprise me how much people like this author are obsessed with erasing Palestinian history. At the same time, I see that it’s necessary for the Jews since they desperately want to cover up the fact that they stole Palestine from its indigenous people. It's like the thief who always has to look over his shoulder, worried that one day his crimes will become be found out.

    It's ironic also coming from a guy named "Ben-Gedalyahu" since it's highly likely that his very name is an invention. Many Israelis, including most of Israel’s leaders, changed their names to something biblical like Gedalyahu (“God has made great”) to try to forge a fake connection with the Middle East (a few examples include Gold Meir = Golda Mabovich, Moshe Sharret = Shertok, Shimon Peres = Szymon Perski, Ariel Sharon = Scheinermann, Netanyahu = Mileikowsky).

    Regardless, this article is dubious on 3 main fronts:

    1. If the author wants to claim the history is the Palestinians is invented, then he needs to provide examples of where the invention occurred. Yet he can’t mention anything about Palestinian history, most likely because he’s completely ignorant of it. Instead he distracts by talking about Chinese in Canada shouldn't be called Chinese. And then he blabs about refugees, which the Palestinians clearly are since they are stateless, which does match the UN definition.

    His point about Palestinians existing only after Arafat is ridiculous. As early as 1496, Mujir al-Din al-Ulaymi, the famous Palestinian historian who wrote “The Glorious History of Jerusalem and Hebron” and is buried at the Mount of Olives, referred to his place of residence as Palestine and to himself as a Palestinian. All accounts by historians on the subject, including Israeli historians, point to a strong Palestinian nationality evolving in the early 20th century at the latest. In 1911, the newspaper “Falastin” was written by and for Palestinans. In 1921, a group of Palestinian leaders who called themselves “The Palestinian Arab Delegation” went to London to protest the Balfour Declaration. In 1930, the British government used the term "Palestinian" to refer to all people residing in Palestine, regardless of religion or ethnicity. Those granted citizenship in Palestine by the British Mandatory authorities were also granted "Palestinian citizenship".

    2. Unfortunately for Gedalyahu, history is not dependent on nationalism. In fact, the histories of most people are without nationality. The Native Americans for example have no history according to Gedalyahu’s definition since there wasn’t a country or kingdom called “Native America”. Neither do the natives of Canada, or the Aborigines of Australia have a history or exist as a people. And while we’re at it, most of South America, most of Africa, the territories of the former USSR and the Kurds also have no history. Neither do the various peoples of Asia. Yet we all know they do.

    If the author has been to Israel/Palestine, he would see Palestinian history abound. If he doesn't believe it, he may want to ask himself if the Palestinians weren't there 200 years ago, how is it that there are buildings and infrastructure all over the country that are clearly at least 500 years old? You know, like maybe the Al Aqsa mosque? The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem? The wall around Jerusalem? What about the stone houses that still exist all over Israel that were built by Palestinians but are now occupied by Jews? I want the author to know that whenever he passes any stone house in Israel (which all have a distinct Palestinian architecture), that there are Palestinians nearby who still know who originally built it. Just like how I know the names of the families who built most of the stone houses in my hometown of Haifa, because those families have lived in those houses for centuries and thus are not easily forgotten.

    Speaking of family names, the author may also want to familiarize himself with the villages, streets and landmarks named after the Palestinian families that established them over the ages. You know, like, all 8 residential squares of Bethlehem? Or the village of Saffuriya (now named Tzippori), established by the Saffuri family? The Saffuris were forced out of their village in 1948 and fled to Nazareth, a section of which is now named after them (the Saffuri quarter of Nazareth).

    What about the village of Bayt Dajan outside of Jaffa (mentioned in the Old Testament), established by the Dajani family? Heard of the Khalidi family? They’ve been in Jerusalem since the 7th century and the Khâlidiyya Library in Jerusalem, established in the 19th century, is named after them. The Quttainah family in Jerusalem are the descendants of Mujir al-Din al-Ulaymi.

    The Farouki family are descendants of Umar ibn al-Khattāb, the second Caliph, and have a history of over seven hundred years in Ramleh. The Nijmat and the Ghawali families are the two main Bedouin tribes of Beersheba in the Negev desert where most of the Bedouin have lived for over 1000 years.

    The Nablusi family is of the original families of Nablus, as are the Muslimani, Yaish, Shakshir and Dayri families – all families from the first Samaritan tribes. The Shakaa family from Nablus has been making soap in Nablus for centuries.

    And there’s my family, has been in my village for approx. 1,300 years. We built the church in my village which is over 800 years old – indeed the church pillars have our family name inscribed on them.

    So then – God’s greatest – how is then that we have no history?

    3. The most important flaw in this article, and in the Zionist narrative in general, is that regardless of whether there was a Palestinian national consciousness or not, that doesn't mean that the people that had been living in Palestine for, in some cases, since the dawn of time, deserve to be kicked out and have their land and history stolen from them. You can’t deny, regardless of whether the people who had lived for centuries in Palestine called themselves collectively Palestinians or Arabs or otherwise, that Palestine was not their homeland. Their connection was with the land and that connection can never be denied. THEY WERE THERE. Granted the Jews were there too, but they were always a minority. For the Jews to know say it’s all Jewish land is ridiculous because the land’s history tells otherwise.

  8. I always thought that the Palestinians are in reality the Philistines of biblical times. and didn't they have a Goliath, whom King David of Israel defeated. so how do they expect the world to believe them, and wasnt Abraham and Sarah promised a child, and Sarah laughed because she was past child bearing, but God kept His promise and she bore Isaac, the son of the promise, whereas Ishmael was an illegitmate child, who liked to make Isaac's life miserable even then as the descendants of Ishmael are trying to claim they are the rightfull heir, but G-d said that the son of the bond woman, would not inherit with the Son of the promise, which was Isaac. shalom

  9. The point is in the US, all citizens are counted as Americans in a census, whether or not they are otherwise referred to as Chinese or whatever. Big difference that a grammatical expert should not have missed!!

  10. I know what a Canadian is, I AM so is Candice she's for sure 4th maybe 5th generation I've been working on my family tree. I KNOW where I came from, the same place EVERYONE else came from their mom's vagina:P

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