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Memorial event for Dafna Meir

By Anna Rudnitsky/TPS

Yariv Oppenheimer, general director of the leftwing Peace Now organization, on Wednesday night was among the speakers honoring the memory of Dafna Meir who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in her home in the community of Otniel a month ago. The event brought together Israel’s political left and right to honor a woman whom they all said was exceptional.


Meeting at the Gerard Behar Center in Jerusalem, Dafna Meir’s friends and family spoke of a woman who worked as a nurse, raised six children, advised on fertility matters, argued with rabbis, liked obscene jokes, and managed to bring hope to everyone she met. “With my heart bleeding, I chose to make this evening an evening of hope, not of despair,” said her husband Nathan.

The anti-settlements Oppenheimer was an unexpected speaker at an evening in memory of a woman who, in her own words, “each day chose to be religious, Jewish, living in a settlement.” Oppenheimer was invited to the event by Dafna’s husband. He had come to comfort the Meir family during the Shiva period and established a warm relationship with them.

“I first learned about Dafna from Facebook,” Oppenheimer said. “We were not friends, but when, after the killing, my Facebook feed became full of status updates with the pictures of her and words about her, I found myself not sleeping at night as I read and read. I read about a woman who many times went against the grain, who spoke about feminism, a woman’s body, adopted kids, all with courage, depth, and humor. She broke down the boundaries. She made all the definitions so common to our Israeli discourse—’settler,’ ‘religious,’ ‘left-wing,’ ‘right-wing’—irrelevant. Her work at the [Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva] gave her an almost divine ability to save the lives of everyone, no matter who he or she might be. She saw a human being in everyone.”



  1. It is time… it is past time…
    It is time to say the emperior is naked. Stop sugar coating stories of delusion and stop the games which should be called death games. Our mandate is to purge the evil from our midst. King David would not dance with beasts. He was too real and too zealous to bargain away his zeal for lies. This woman of valor should be at home with her husband and children today. Stop the feel good gatherings and do something meaningful.

    You want to see Mashiach? Put an end to what He hates.

  2. We have the same last name ,but we are not related and our political views are diametrically opposed. I appreciate his grief for one our women of valor, along with the rest of the Jewish nation. However, if the policies of his party were to control the actions of state, there would be many more dead,than if we stood firm amd defended our interests of security. Peace now promotes the type of behavior that resulted in the initial military success of Hitler. In the situation that our tiny country faces , peace now ( Peace at any price ) is an invitation to national suicide and genocide for our people.

  3. He should not even have been allowed there to be.there, much less speak unless he had resigned from the group he heads and apologized profusely for his and its misdeeds, which leads to these murders and other violence. Why even acknowledge this.person and organisation unless it is to highlight their hypocrisy?

  4. Hello Stephanie do you see all the various comments being made here her death is a heartache it grieves us to the bone and marrow as the children of Israel we do a disgrace to those who died in the Holocaust because we watch another holocaust one by one day by day by vehicular homicide by stabbing and guns. Appeasement does nothing except appease the cowardice and folly in the minds of our own Jewish enemies who do not stand with respect for our Creator or for Moses who let us out of the wilderness or for King David who is not a coward ..ttps://

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