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Former IDF Chief Education Officer Brigadier General (Ret.) Nehemia Dagan.

The Kohelet Policy Forum, a conservative Israeli nonprofit think tank, on Thursday, filed a criminal complaint with the police against former IDF Chief Education Officer Brigadier General (Ret.) Nehemia Dagan.

Dagan, 83, was a decorated combat pilot before being appointed Chief Education Officer in 1985. His Facebook posts in recent months against the coalition government have been extreme and filled with rage. He has since deleted his post, but, you know, the Internet doesn’t forget.

Nehemia Dagan’s outrageous Facebook post / Screenshot

Dagan suggests expanding the protests to harass all the coalition members to the point where the government will no longer function. He calls for paralyzing the economy and even for a violent civil war, which he says his side would win because Bibi’s side “is made up of a very violent, cowardly, and undetermined minority. We know how to fight, they don’t. The war will be short. Violent and short.”

Early on in his astonishing call for violence, the retired Brigadier General writes: “We need to cause the disappearance from Israel of the Kohelet Forum. I propose this to those who should propose. We must cause this institution to shut down along with the two billionaires (perhaps the Israeli one as well) who fund it. They are the kind of Jews on whom antisemitism and the Protocols of the Elders of Zions were founded.”

Kohelet’s police complaint / Screenshot

The Kohelet complaint reads: “On May 4, 2023, Brigadier General (Ret.) Nehemia Dagan posted on his Facebook account a clear call to physically harm the Kohelet Forum, its people, and its funders, until the physical and tangible elimination of the organization, using violent means. In his post, he also hinted allegedly that he is actively promoting carrying out his ideas.”

Shortly thereafter, Kohelet’s attorney Ariel Ehrlich informed Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara about the police complaint, urging her to investigate and prosecute this extremist case, before the criminal’s call would reach individuals who would take action and cause bloodshed.

Kohelet complaint to the AG / Screenshot

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