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A new poll published on Wednesday by Miskar Institute, based on a state-wide sample of 4,500 respondents, conducted between March 24 – 26 shows Likud in first place with 31 seats, Blue and White with 30, and a significant rise for right-wing parties while the left is retreating..

The right-wing bloc includes Likud-31; Right-Wing Union (Habayit Hayehudi et al)-9; New Right-7; Feiglin-7, United Torah Judaism-6; Shas-6, giving Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu access to a 66-seat coalition. Moshe Feiglin fans would be happy to see that his Zehut party must be part of this coalition, which could mean that Netanyahu would have to meet Feiglin’s three conditions: legalize cannabis, and the finance and education portfolios.


The Right-Wing Union also wants the education ministry and so there might be some haggling and horse trading. Feiglin might take the health ministry instead – who knows.

One thing is certain, with a shrinking base of only 42 left-leaning seats and only 12 Arabs, Gantz is simply too far from forming a blocking bloc to keep Netanyahu from forming a coalition government.


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