Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Eli Groner, Director General of Israeli PM Netanyahu's office at a press conference announcing a new reform for small businesses in Jerusalem, on December 3, 2017.

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Director-General Eli Groner informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week that he intends to conclude his duties upon the close of this summer’s Knesset session. The reason for his decision was not shared with the media.

The prime minister thanked him for his service and asked him to complete the business licensing reform during the current session, according to a release from the Prime Minister’s Office.


Groner began serving as PMO Director General in May 2015 after having served as Israel’s economic attaché in Washington and in various senior business sector positions, including with McKinsey and Tnuva. He led diplomatic and strategic staff in work carried out at the PMO on various economic, social and civilian issues on behalf of the prime minister in conjunction with other government ministries, the Knesset, local authorities and key economic figures.

Among the reforms Groner worked on were those reducing over-regulation and the cost of living, approval of the gas outline, business licensing reform, the formulation and approval of national digital health and smart transportation plans, establishing the cyber directorate, comprehensive reform of planning and construction laws and the numerator legislation. He also oversaw the adoption of advanced administration models in the public sector, especially reporting to the public on government decisions, work plans and the development of government data banks.

“I thank Eli Groner for his dedicated work in advancing issues of great importance in the socio-economic sphere. The actions he led on my behalf, such as reducing over-regulation, the numerator law and the gas outline, will affect the public and the Israeli economy for years to come,” Netanyahu said.

“I thank Prime Minister Netanyahu for affording me the opportunity to lead significant actions for the Israeli economy and society,” Groner said. “Completing the business licensing reform is a natural and proper point for me to hand the reins to my successor.

“Our Sages said ‘It is not for you to complete the work’ and I wish the Prime Minister and my successor great success.”