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The Zwickau pool

So much freedom, so little time. the Johannisbad public pool in Zwickau, Germany, has banned asylum seekers after a group of men were caught behaving extremely inappropriately in the Jacuzzi. Earlier, other groups of Middle Eastern refugees were caught on camera using the children’s pool as a toilet, Bild reported.

The unsettling incidents became public after an internal memo to mayor Bernd Meyer was exposed in Bild. The memo reads: “An asylum seeker was [misbehaving] in the hot tub … This is also recorded on the surveillance camera.” Apparently, after the group had been removed from the pool area for bestial behavior, the invaded the Jacuzzi, and took selfies of their group action.


Regarding a different pool incident in Zwickau, the same city worker reported that a group of women and children who were using the kids’ pool, “contaminated the pool by getting rid of the contents of their intestines. Local swimmers immediately left the pool.”

One day earlier, “eight foreign men … in the sauna” harassed local women, until pool staff began to tell Middle Eastern swimmers the Sauna was out-of-order if there were women inside. The memo reads: “The lifeguards have to protect women and girls from the asylum seekers. Young men tried to forcibly invade the female changing room.”

According to Bild, over the past week there have been several sexual attacks on children in swimming pools in Germany, targeting pre-teen girls and boys. Two young girls were groped under their bathing suits and “possibly raped” by a gang of refugees.

Several Syrian and Afghan asylum seekers have been arrested, and later released. Just before the weekend, a pool re-opened after being closed for 24 hours following reports of sex assaults against children, and a spokesman for the pool said the management “hopes there will be no more sexual harassment.”


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  1. Jan Zollars Not much on comprehension are you? I never said this was Obama's fault, I simply said their solution "hope" was similar to Obama's solution to change this country. Don't worry Obama will get to prove his ability yet. They are coming to this country as well. Moron

  2. The brilliant leaders in Germany most likely gave little thought to the cosquences of allowing these throwbacks into their country. They will be paying for this in perpetuity, cause these
    refugees are living socially and intellecually in the 7th century.

  3. Jan Zollars It is part obamas fault because he destabilized Libya by murdering Kahdahf and then he did the same in Egypt and before that he pulled all of our troops out of Iraq. But most importantly he funded and helped to create ISIS(which he prefers to call ISIL because he is a muslim) by shipping weapons and cash through Turkey. That is what Bengazi was all about. Chris Stevens and the C.I.A. were there to ship weapons to ISIS. That is why Bengazi happened. They had to have those mouths shut and dead men don't talk. obama dream is to help create an islamic caliphate in the middle east, destroy Israel and the U.S.

  4. Both the Israeli government and the entire world treated these savages as fragile flowers. Is it a wonder we are at what we are at?

    Arabfart and his gang was allowed to perfect terrorism for some 40 years, if not more. And of course his methods were widely taught in "peace-activist" circles.

    Now our retarded leaders don't know how to deal with it.

  5. So why do you allow them to stay? Why not kick them out of your country, not THEIR country? They have done nothing but rape and molest and defecate in your pools. What one positive thing have they brought? When you have this type of behavior, you deal with it. You remove the trouble makers and force them out of YOUR country.

  6. It's happening, and worse than you think. However, Europeans are banding together to do something. I read the Austrian and German news on-line, and for example, this was in the news today. "Demonstration Against Islam in 14 Countries."

    (If you can't read German use Google Translate.) The problem is most media outlets don't want to cover the European citizen's discontent with the situation, and the anger against their politicians out of fear, political correctness or whatever. While I have very little pity on the plight of the Europeans because of what they did to my family in the Shoah, I do worry about the family I have still living in Europe. My cousin tells me she hasn't been this worried about her safety since the Shoah, therefore, you can bet things are much worse than they really want us to know.

  7. Hi Ida
    I'm an american living in Germany for the last 30 years. The germans have alot of thr same problems that americans have. You can't discriminate against anyone, and you can't put someone in jail for using a swimming pool as a toilet. Fine them and how should they pay?? Not so easy! Most of the refugees are good people just trying to start a new life, but out of a million there are enough bad apples to cause lots of problems. The germans are a very organized and proper people. Such actions are new to them. There is a lot going on to be able to export problem makers of course when their home land will take them back!!!
    If I had a choice between Merkel and Obama I'd take Merkel .

  8. 1 million people arrived in Germany in the past 13 months and of course, as with any race, religion, culture, whatever – there is a proportion of bad people. Thankfully as with every race, religion, culture, whatever, that proportion is very small. The vast overwhelming majority are GOOD PEOPLE! I meet refugees on a daily basis because I am one of thousands of helpers in Germany who is doing whatever possible to make it work. And we will continue to do so because these people need our help and, more importanty they cook us amazing food! The biggest danger we have from refugees is to our expanding waistlines 🙂

  9. Nope … will not happen in America (USA). It will not be tolerated. In most of the USA, or the Southern half. 1/5th of all adults are carrying fire arms. Unlike in the Islamic countries where everyone turns their heads and watch violence then tolerate it. US Citizens, like in the UK, they wont put up with it. Misbehaving adult males will be dealt with by common citizens.

  10. Hi Kim, I do not just 'believe' anything I read. It is undeniable that these serious violations of law are happening with increasing frequency in many European countries.
    These are just the most recently well documented reports but I've been following this troubling problem for the last year.

  11. Lynne, the actions in this article were confirmed by other articles. There was video footage of the men defecating in the pool and masturbating in the Jacuzzi. However the wording was done, the actions speak for themselves. In Austria, a mom of 4 caught a refugee masturbating while sitting next to her 2 year old child. She grabbed her child – this kind of beahvior did NOT happen before. These kind of incidences need to be reported and the police need to act on them. The pattern's frequency is directly a result of this mass movement of people into a society in which they were no public spaces like this. Wishing it were not so or denying it hurts managing it.

  12. Kim Asher What the heck are you talking about – Christian Sharia – you mean making women dress in black bee keeper outfits – no that would be Islamic countries where Islam reigns supreme. Democrats are leaving your part because they are tired of the progressive agenda ingoring all reality and endengering everyone.

  13. Kim Asher How does Western interference make men defecate in pools – that is called deflection because you can't argue against disgusting behavior with some political science theory. No, mass sexual deviancy has to do with their religion and not imperialism. This is NOT about politics – this is about their behavior in public.

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