Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

On Saturday evening, a terrorist killed himself when the bomb he was carrying blew up.

The attack happened near the Border Police checkpoint in Abu Dis, in eastern Jerusalem.


It is unclear if this was meant as a suicide bomb attack, or if the bomb blew up before the terrorist could throw it at the policemen.

No one was injured in the attack.

In December, 25 Arabs, most from around Abu Dis, were arrested as part of a Hamas cell that were planning and preparing to commit suicide bomb attacks.


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  1. Shavua tov! This is one terrorist who won't be fed, educated and medically cared for in an Israeli jail, only to be traded for "peace" at a later date. Also, even Sweden's government won't be able to complain about extrajudicial execution in the case of premature detonation of Sausage bar Muhammed. Nice to read good news at the start of a new week.

  2. slowly-slowly the world's conscience awakens… slowly-slowly, country after country will start react as Sweden!
    then, I need you to tell me…. whata rguments you'll use?
    there is a saying: when two persons tells you are drunk you have to go to sleep!

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