Photo Credit: Courtesy: Regavim
Illegal mosque construction site

Scouts of the Regavim movement this week discovered an illegal mosque construction site near the neighborhood of Kidmat Zion (Abu Dis). The scouts documented the construction, marked it on a set of maps and sent a letter on Wednesday to Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat, demanding that he prevent the violation.

The letter, titled, “Construction of illegal mosque next to Kidmat Zion neighborhood — demand for inspection and enforcement” was written by attorney Boaz Arazi and sent to Mayor Barkat, and to the Head of the National Building Inspection office. After providing the precise location of the offending structure, Arazi suggested that action against the construction must be taken now, before the occupants move into the new mosque.


“Past experience has taught us that the longer time passes the more the violators enhance their grip on the building. Evicting the violators is easier when executed at the beginning of the process.”

Attorney Arazi noted that once the Arab occupants have moved into the mosque, getting them out would inevitably involve a lengthy and expensive legal process, and the future eviction could result in harm to Israeli security forces and with bad publicity around the world.

Arazi reminded the mayor that he is in charge of enforcing construction laws in Jerusalem and it is his responsibility to correct the situation, namely to kick out the invaders at once, destroy the illegal structure and open criminal procedures against the violators.

The Jerusalem municipality responded to an inquiry by News 0404 saying the Regavim report has been received and its concerns are being addressed by Municipal law enforcement agents.



  1. Unfortunately, the record of the Jerusalem municipality is not great on this matter. There is a mosque built, then expanded, in full view of Jerusalemites on the lower part of the venerable Har Hazeitim (Mount of Olives) cemetery — despite the protests of Israeli citizens. The mosque is steps from the graves of Menachem Begin and other illustrious Jews.

  2. I guess this just goes to show whose Yerushalayim it really is, doesn't it?

    Nothing good will happen, until the Temple Mount is retaken. It is fine to let some of the Muslims and Christians worship there, too; there is always a Court for the Goyim provided, in Hashem's Wisdom…

    But the Mount must be in the hands of the Jews, or Mashiach simply will not go up with the rest of you.

    What is there even to approach right now, coming from the East? What of the Coming Day, and the Thirteenth Hour? Are you forgetting about something?

    You were so close, in 1967! And it is almost fifty years now already!

    How long are you planning to wait, for Mashiach to Come? So, why don't you hasten Him?

    It is all up to you…

  3. Alan Kardon,
    Your comments reflect a shallow understanding of Jewish history. The Temple Mount was Jewish since time immemorial. The first Jewish Temple was constructed in 960BCE. The site is Jewish property and now the Arabs have the Dome of the Rock mosque on that exact same site. Your comment "What is good for Muslims should be good for Jews also" is an appalling display of your lack of historical knowledge. To hopefully enlighten you, the first Temple was destroyed in 586 BCE. The second Temple was built in 520BCE and destroyed by Titus in 70AD.

  4. Stephen, I agree – IMHO, this is exactly what and why they are doing it. And, if that is an actual pic of it – shows how conniving and sneaky they are – I bet if anyone was just passing by, they would never guess what is being built!!

  5. Don't destroy the structure. When it is ready to be furnished, confiscate the building, fine the illegal builders and planners, convert the building to a synagogue and hand it over to a Jewish congregation. Then show good Jewish manners and thank the Arabs for providing the true inhabitants of the land with a house of worship for the followers of the ONLY Abrahamic faith..

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