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Arrested Hamas terrorists.

The IDF (Israel defense Forces) reported on yet another example its forces uncovered of the Hamas Terrorist organization using civilian areas, including a school, for terror purposes. Its forces also captured about 60 terrorists who hid in the school.

This came in an operation carried out by IDF paratroopers last week while fighting in western Khan Yunis. The paratroopers also raided terrorist targets and eliminated many terrorists, both at close range and with accurate sniper fire.


The fighters raided a building where they found many weapons, including Kalashnikovs, warheads, grenades, RPGs and ammunition.

The building is adjacent to a UN school which was used as a humanitarian shelter for local residents. The terrorists used a hole in the school’s wall that connected to the adjacent building from which they took weapons and launched attacks against Israeli forces.

In another nearby building, the fighters located many weapons, ammunition, cartridges, vests and Hamas uniforms. Also, the forces raided the house of the head of the anti-tank system of the Hamas Khan Yunis brigade where they found more weapons and intelligence materials.

At the same time, the IDF’s paratrooper brigade worked to evacuate the civilian population from the combat area for their safety.

During the operation, the 60 terrorists who were arrested were found when, after hiding in the school, they took advantage of the humanitarian evacuation efforts to try and escape.

3,150 Arab Terrorists Captured Since Start of War in Gaza

Since the start of the Iron Swords War in Gaza, about 3,150 wanted terrorists and people suspected of aiding terrorism have been arrested throughout Judea and Samaria and in the Jordan Valley region. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) said over 1,350 of them are associated with the terrorist organization Hamas.

Most recently, overnight soldiers of the IDF, the Shin Bet (Israel’s anti-terror General Security Service) and Border Police worked overnight to arrest 11 wanted terrorists throughout Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley region.

In Birzeit, near Ramallah, the forces located and confiscated weapons.

In the city of Ramallah terrorist funds were located and confiscated.

Also near Ramallah, in the village of Rantis, the forces arrested one wanted man and confiscated additional weapons.

In the village Bayt Surik, located near Jerusalem, Israeli forces confiscated additional weapons.

The IDF also reported that overnight the forces carried an operation that lasted over six hours in the village of Burka near Ramallah, where they searched buildings and interrogated suspects in the wake of Monday night’s terrorist attack in which a car carrying five civilians was hit with an explosive device. One person was lightly wounded.

No casualties were reported to Israeli forces.


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