Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
The Scene of a terror attack outside Jerusalem Old City, August 14,2022.

The number of wounded people wounded in a terror attack near the Kotel (Western Wall) has risen to eight. The attack happened around 1:30 AM. The terrorists first opened fire at the #3 bus near Maaleh Hashalom, on the main road leading up from the Kotel of the Old City of Jerusalem. The bus had been picking up passengers at the bus stop near Kever David (King David’s Tomb) and the nearby parking lot. The terrorist then continued shooting at a car near near King David’s Tomb parking lot.

Update on the condition of the victims. One of the wounded is reported as a pregnant woman. Six wounded were taken to Sharei Tzedek Medical Center: 2 serious, 1 moderate, 2 light. Two wounded were taken to Hadassah Hospital: one shot in the shoulder, one shot in the neck. An additional four people are being treated for shock. Doctor performed an emergency birth to save the baby.


The bus driver reports that a disabled woman was getting on the bus at the time of the attack on his bus. A witness on the bus said he heard 3 shots and saw two men lying on the floor and realized it was a terrorist attack. And then he saw two additional men who were shot.

A witness who was in his car near the parking lot says he saw one terrorist with a pistol shoot the people in the car in next to him and at the bus.

There’s no reports that the terrorist has been captured or neutralized at this point. But troops are currently searching the nearby Silwan (Shiloach) neighborhood. Update: The terrorist surrendered himself at a police station on Sunday morning.

Arabs in the neighborhood of Shuafat are shooting fireworks in celebration.

Arabs began a rumor on social media that MK Itamar Ben-Gvir was wounded in the terror attack. Those reports on Arab social media are fake news.


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