A terrorist infiltration alert has gone off in the Haredi city of Beitar Illit, in Gush Etzion, on Thursday evening.


Initial reports indicate someone got off a bus, leaving a bag behind. Smoke started coming out of the bag, which is suspected to be a remote control bomb which didn’t go off. The bag has been neutralized. According to a report by Amir Buchbut, the Shabak said the bomb was amateurish.

Beitar’s Mayor Rubenstein has called on all residents to go indoors, stay out of the way of the security forces and to say Tehillim.

Security forces are searching.

Another siren has gone off around 11:00PM. An unattended bag has been found at a bus stop. The bomb squad is on the way.

There are also reports of firebombs on the road between Hussan and Beitar Ilit.

11:50 PM The searches in Beitar Illit are still ongoing. A third location has been checked for a possible bomb.

Update: The lockdown was lifted at 7 AM on Friday.


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