Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
The terrorist's car in Sdeh Efraim. Feb. 5, 2021

At 3:45 AM on Friday, a terrorist drove his speeding car onto the Sdeh Efraim farm, stopping in front of the farm owner’s home, according to the IDF. The terrorist got out of his car yelling “Allahu Akbar” and attempted to break through the locked door.


A guard at the farm saw the terrorist and yelled for help from the off-duty guards who were sleeping in a nearby building. The terrorist then ran and attacked the guard who was unarmed. The two wrestled until a second guard and the farm’s owner got there and shot and killed the terrorist.

Sdeh Efraim

No weapon was found on the terrorist’s body.

The dead terrorist in Sdeh Efraim. Feb. 5, 2021. Credit: TPS

Towards the morning, the IDF began searching the Arab village of Raas Karkar where he originated from.


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