The Fedayeen Twitter account published a video of Fatah soldiers participating in urban combat training in the Palestinian Authority controlled city of Jenin on Dec. 18, coming after months of violence emanating from the terror-infested city.

Last week, an Israeli military investigation found that a Border Police officer likely shot a PA teenager who died during a firefight in Jenin.


Jana Zakarneh, whose age has been reported as 15 or 16, was standing next to a terrorist on a rooftop, Channel 22 reported at the time. The teenager is suspected to have been working as a spotter for the terrorist groups.

Days earlier, three terrorists were killed in a battle with Israeli security forces.

Israeli forces came under fire after entering the city to arrest suspected terrorist Khaled a-Hija, according to the Israel Defense Forces. In parallel, troops operating in the Jenin area detained two terror suspects, Ahmad Jaradat and Daajef Bages.


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