Photo Credit: Courtesy
Ori Ansbacher, murdered in the Jerusalem forest

The Israeli High Court of Justice has temporarily halted the IDF demolition of Saleh Barghouti’s home in Samaria.

Barghouti carried out two shooting attacks last December, seriously wounding seven Israelis – including a pregnant woman, whose baby was delivered prematurely and died two days later as a result.


Justice Anat Baron issued the temporary injunction in response to a petition filed by Barghouti’s family, appealing the demolition order.

As a result, implementation of the order signed by the OC Central Command was temporarily frozen, a routine procedure in the court until a hearing is held on the appeal.

Also suspended by Justice Baron in the High Court was another demolition order, this one for the home of the bloodthirsty terrorist who murdered 19-year-old Tekoa resident Ori Ansbacher, who was sexually assaulted and then murdered in the Jerusalem Forest near Ein Yael.