Photo Credit: Elyashiv Livyatan/TPS
Eliav Gellman

Arab terrorist Mamduh Amru on Wednesday was sentenced to 30 years in prison and was ordered to pay NIS 258,000 in compensation after he was convicted of causing the death of Eliav Gelman while carrying out a stabbing attack against a different target at the Gush Etzion Junction three years ago.

Gelman was standing at a hitchhiking station at the Gush Etzion Junction when Amru, 26 from the village of Dura in the Hebron area, attempted to stab Israelis waiting for a ride.


Gelman pulled out his gun and charged towards the terrorist, but was fatally shot by IDF soldiers who were also firing at the terrorist.

The court ruled in a previous hearing that the terrorist was responsible for Gelman’s death since the shooting was caused by his actions.

According to Haim Bleicher, a lawyer representing the family, the punishment was severe for the charge of manslaughter but was not enough.

“This is a clear case of murder, we hope that the verdict will be amended in the Court of Appeals and that the terrorist will eventually be charged with murder, and then he will receive a life sentence and never get out of jail, as he deserves,” he said.

Gelman’s family boycotted the verdict reading, saying that the judgment was not severe enough and encouraged terrorism.