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The US is backing PA demands that Israel free more than 80 Arab terrorists who have murdered dozens of Jews. The US refuses to free from jail Jonathan Pollard, whose crime was releasing some classified documents.

“What is going on in the minds of Americans when they  insist on keeping Jonathan Pollard in prison and demand  that Israel free terrorists” who have murdered Jews, Housing Minister Uri Ariel asked on Voice of Israel Sunday. “It really is amazing.”

Pollard has been in jail, despite ill health, for 28 years for the crime of passing on classified information on behalf of Israel when he worked for the Pentagon. He is the onlyAmerican ever to be sentenced to life in prison for the offense, which usually bears a prison term of 2-4 years.


Pollard has been in jail, despite ill health, for 28 years for the crime of passing on classified information on behalf of Israel when he worked for the Pentagon. He is the only person ever to be sentenced to life in prison for the offense, which usually bears a prison term of 2-4 years.

Jewish Press editor Yori Yanover wrote on Friday, “Israel is giving in on the release of Palestinian prisoners with Jewish blood on their hands. ‘There will be some release of prisoners,’ said Minister of Strategic Affairs Yuval Steinitz. ‘I don’t want to give numbers but there will be heavyweight prisoners who have been in jail for tens of years.’”

In case anyone as sleeping  with the bears in hibernation at the time, Israel has freed thousands of terrorists and security prisoners for dead bodies and most recently for the return of one live body – kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

Since the 1000-for-1 exchange  two years ago, dozens of the freed Palestinian Authority Arabs have returned to terror.

Previous releases of terrorists have resulted in more than 120 murders of Jews in Israel by the same Palestinian Authority “resistance fighters.

But their suicide bombings do not compare with the gravity of  Pollard’s crime. If not, why would the American judicial system – which of course is fairer, more modern and more sophisticated than the process in primitive Israel – keep Pollard in jail for life?

Pollard’s crime is obviously so heinous that he was not even allowed to attend the funeral of his father in 2011. Nor was he allowed to leave his cell to attend the funeral of his mother 10 years earlier.

The American government really is not hard-hearted. Officials actually allowed Pollard to call his father a week before his death. His father was too weak to speak on the telephone but so what? That’s not the government’s fault.

Leading American politicians who were in office at the time that Pollard was sentenced have come forth in the past three years to admit that he did not receive a fair trial and  that he was unfairly punished.

Israel, cited every year by the U.S. State Dept. for human rights violations, is apparently ready to free more than 80 terrorists, who have visiting privileges, who received “salaries” from the Palestinian Authority for their previous success in killing Jews, and who are paid by Israel to learn in university.

Israel  perhaps could learn something from the United States, but that will have to wait because  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry needs direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority to save his face.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. I am a veteran, ultra-conservative, a staunch Zionist, etc. I’m sorry, but I don’t completely agree with you on this. Pollard is a traitor to HIS country…end of story. His case should never be linked or associated with terrorists and murderers. Israel should not release them, unless they want to use them for their own negotiations.

  2. pollard? seriously? he is a sell-out.. he sold classified info to pakistan…that is a FACT….that is called treason btw…he should consider himself lucky to be even alive…this whole pollard thing is such an embarrassment to the community, I can't believe some people still sticking up for him.

  3. Horst sorry OLD INFO since Pollard's plea bargan was backed down on by the US, & in spite of total cooperation from the Israelis & Pollard, he is repeated blamed for the damage caused by least 2 major moles caught by the US security authorities since (the information he gave to Israel was by US treaty to be given to Israel but was not, & Pollard has since express regret & said he should have found a legal way to warn Israel of( the likes of Iran missiles or terror HQ etc…

  4. It seems more and more apparent that Israel is being run by lunatics. Releasing murderers for the sake of a peace that never comes. How crazy and insane is that. Israel should demand that Pollard be released before letting one murderer go free. That's it. No other "gifts" to the USA or anyone else. In the meantime, stop the insanity and govern Israel properly. Anyone caught trying to kill Jews or anyone else in Israel should be hung ASAP, once tried and convicted. Jewish life must be worth something, even to Israelis.

  5. The USA has been giving Israel gifts to the tune of $3 billion a year for decades. We need to cut that off. Also, Pollard should not be freed. It was the worst case espionage and led to the deaths of many of our contacts in the USSR.

    Waiting for the usual canards of "holocaust" now.

  6. Seriously Horst Horst? Barak Hussein Obama has committed treason; not just once, but on numerous occasions; was he given life in prison? Nope; another term in office.

  7. The hypocrisy of the American administration knows no bounds. I can't blame Obama exclusively since it has always been so. It does, however fit neatly into his scheme of reality.

  8. Well Horst, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush and Dick Cheney and Obama, George Bush Sr should be in the cell next to Pollard for all that they have handed over to our enemies.

  9. The United States and the EU have declared a war on Israel.

    The question is why will any Jew want to give his/her property away to his/her enemy? Will he/her give part of his home away to his/her enemy?

    During many decades the Europeans have systematically humiliated, persecuted, banned and expelled Jews from one country to another until a Jew became known as the 'wandering Jew'. It is not enough that in 1939-to-1945 the Europeans have expelled Jews who lived among them from their homes, displaced and murdered six million Jews, now they are doing the very same, working, systematically to expel Jews from their HOMELAND, Israel.

    So what is happening to you in Israel, where are the wide protests?

    Why do you agree that the government will release murderers of Jews for the "honor" to be able to speak with the Arabs? It is a precondition.

    Netanyahu is lacking courage, a liar and manipulative of the first order… Pollard is in prison, and the Americans demand that Israel releases murderers of Jews… Where self-respect? Is Jewish blood worthless? My blood is boiling.

    When will Israel STOP being a partner in the double standard by which the world treats her?

    Israel has no convincing mantra which should be:

    The Palestinian Authority (PA) is just as Hamas – genocidal, AND.

    The land, from the river to the sea, belongs to the nation state of the Jewish people, Israel and the Jewish people.

    If we want to help Israel, we have to begin with the above, nothing less or more.

  10. Pollard was a traitor and was being paid by Israel's now defunct Lakam to bring it carloads of classified documents which Israel, as a foreign country, had no business receiving.

    It was up to Washington to decided what information Israel should receive, not some American turncoat who betrayed his country. The only member of the USG qualified to speak about the nature of Pollard's crimes was Casper Weinberger and he's gone. The rest don't know what they're talking about.

  11. I am no fan of Obama's but is it treason for an American president not to lick Israel's boots his every waking moment? Or is it treason for American Jews to put Israel's interests before those of the US? One of these days, if the Israel Firsters keep going the way they are going, Americans may be asking themselves that question.

  12. Jeff Blankfort, First of all Jeff I suggest you read the constitution; treason is giving aid or comfort to the enemy.Israel is not a enemy of the US; I do not know of any American Jews that do not have Americans in the forefront; having fellow Jews in Israel interest also in the forefront is not an act of treason. For the record though, if an American president; past or present was licking Israels boots as you say; we wouldn't be faced with the current issues we have here and abroad; Israel has the right to exist; the Arab worlds desire of world domination is a international problem; the twin towers should hold as a reminder of that yet the US presidential bodies cater to them by making demands of concessions by Israel, and sending fighter jets, and billions of dollars of tax payers to the likes of the muslim brotherhood,aka Al-Qaida, and other terrorist organizations and rendering them safe haven right here in the US.

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