Fall River, Massachusetts police are investigating anti-Semitic messages and swastikas discovered on Sunday on dozens of gravestones at a local Jewish cemetery.

The vandalism was first discovered and reported by a maintenance worker at the Hebrew Cemetery in Fall River at 1:30 PM, Sunday.


Some 30 gravestones were scrawled in black marker with swastikas and the slogans “heil Hitler,” “Hitler was right,” “This is MAGA country” (a reference to President Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign slogan, and the somewhat quirky “Oy vey!” which may have been a reference to the Führer’s last words in his Berlin bunker.

No arrests have been made so far, but Police have offered a reward to anyone who comes up with information that would lead to an arrest. Also: the Anti-Defamation League of New England is offering a $1,500 reward.


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David writes news at JewishPress.com.