Photo Credit: Israel Real Estate Expo

Visitors to the Israel Real Estate Expo in Teaneck, New Jersey, on Tuesday, were met on the streets by a few dozen anti-Israel protesters who blocked the road and entrance to the event.

Three police cars were stationed outside the event to protect the visitors from Israel and New Jersey. The local Jewish community also sent some people to be there, and some men from a nearby minyan came out – just in case. Some of the visitors said the protest delayed them, which is why it took a while for them to get in.


One of the Israeli exhibitors told she was very surprised at the protest. She also said she didn’t see or hear a single Arab among the protesters, which she said she would have expected. She added that many of the protesters looked like progressives from so-called “Jewish” anti-Israel groups as well as two or three “religious” anti-Zionists.

One of the visitors said to, “It was terrible to see the protesters. This is why moshiach isn’t coming.”

Still, despite the noise and roadblocking outside, exhibitors told that the event was a success. Visitors lined up to learn about homes in Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Efrat and other locations around Israel. Lawyers and mortgage experts were on hand to answer questions for the potential investors and new olim (immigrants).

Gidon Katz of IMPMedia, producer of the event told, “Once again, the American Jewish community feels very connected to Israel and many of them thrive to have a home there. People were very interested in learning about the different properties and options in Israel, including where to live and the different communities. This expo is helping them invest or plan their move to Israel.”

Regarding the protesters, Katz said, “Nothing is achieved with hate. On the contrary, some visitors told us they weren’t originally planning on coming to the event, but when they heard about the anti-Israeli protest, they decided they needed to come and examine their options for Israel. They’re not going to be held up by these kinds of people.”

Not to give a heads-up to the haters and antisemites, but the next show is to be held this coming Sunday in Aventura, Florida.


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