Breaking the Silence is on a speaking tour for US Jews this week, with lectures that coincided with the IDF war against Gaza terrorists and thousands of Israeli civilians sleeping in bomb shelters under rocket fire. The BtS events, which have long since ceased to be about reforming the IDF and became anti-Zionist attacks, are taking place in New York City, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Boston.

In response, the Ad Kan (Lit. up to here) organization called on US Jews to refuse to support the vilifying of IDF soldiers, especially during this challenging period.


Ad Kan director Gilad Ach noted that Breaking the Silence has illegally gathered intelligence information on the IDF, its activities, and its future plans.

In a video published by Ad Kan, Breaking the Silence investigator Avichai Stoler can be seen pressuring a soldier to provide information. Stoler says, “There is no need to worry. We have interviewed conscripted soldiers, you don’t know how many times… also government employees, people who according to the law are not allowed to speak with us.”

Another Breaking the Silence activist, Nadav Bigelman, once introduced himself to activists saying, “Good morning, I’m Nadav Bigelman from Breaking the Silence. I provided testimony to Breaking the Silence already during my service.”

A third recording showed a conversation between Bigelman and an undercover Ad Kan representative. The two were speaking about a particular female soldier and Bigelman said, “Tell her I’d like to speak with her. We’ll talk and then see from there.” The undercover representative asks, “Yes? Even if she is still serving?” Bigelman responds, “Absolutely!” The undercover representative repeats, “But will she be able to provide testimony now?” Bigelman reiterates, “Yes. We interview soldiers who are still in their service. Certainly.”

Gilad Ach explained that “not only does Breaking the silence Illegally gather information on the IDF, but they also have no qualms about stabbing the IDF in the back in wartime. Especially now, as the IDF fights in Gaza and as civilians in southern and central Israel go into bomb shelters, one would expect veterans to support their comrades currently at war.”

Ach added, “We call on US Jews to support the IDF and its soldiers at this time and to not take part in the vilifying of the IDF.”