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Pete Buttigieg

This is one of those stories that involves very little input from the writer. It’s all right there, in the exchange of tweets. It starts with a Wednesday tweet from Democratic presidential candidate Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg (pronounced: Booti-jej), mayor of South Bend, Indiana since 2012. Buttigieg tweeted:


“I strongly condemn the rocket attacks on the citizens of southern and central Israel. Israel has a right to defend itself against acts of terror that set back any progress towards peace and will only serve to inflame the humanitarian situation in Gaza.”

Good, clean statement, not even particularly extreme. It calls a spade a spade and points at the good guy in this conflict. It’s a copy and paste of the DNC’s position since Harry S. Truman.

Ah, but things have changed over at my old Democratic party, at least as reflected on Mayor Pete’s Twitter account. What struck me about these reactions was not that some leftists are attacking a relatively centrist Democratic presidential candidate, but that I didn’t cherry-pick them. They came in one after the other, with not a single pro-Israel tweet in between. I went down the list of responses and back up again and spotted not more than a smattering of support, like Amie who responded: “Thank you ! it’s a nuanced issue and I trust you to get that.”

There was this death-match tweet from Raimo Kangasniemi: “Israel has killed 24 Palestinians, incl. 3 children, in besieged Gaza since early Tuesday. Palestinian resistance has killed 0 Israelis. Israel, the occupier, started current fighting. Amir Ayyad, aged 7 or 8, killed today with his 54 y/o father & his brother in Israeli attack.”

That one covered both popular leftwing arguments: It all started when Israel retaliated; and How come so few Israelis die?

Better construction standards, brother, and a really good Air Force.

The Empire Files tweeted: “Israel illegally bombed the home of a political leader, assassinating him and his innocent wife while wounding 7 children; knowing Gaza would be forced to retaliate. No condemnation of their crimes tho?”

Oh, don’t ask, it got way worse.

Avery Edison asked knowingly: “Mr. Mayor, could you please tell me what is causing the humanitarian situation in Gaza?”

To which, thank God, Jerry J. replied: “Hamas uses Gaza as a base to launch rockets and build tunnels to infiltrate Israel. Instead of spending the billions of aid they receive on food and medical care, they spend it on offensive weapons. Thus, there is a blockade to prevent the materials to build weapons.”

make public transit free showed they don’t really follow the news with the clever retort to Buttigieg: “Conversely doesn’t Palestine have a right to defend itself from invasion? Re: illegal settlements, etc.”

Alas, there are no Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip since August 2005. Look it up.

Here’s a tweet from Unionize Vermin Supreme, who gets his news from his aluminum foil hat: “Isreal has shot thousands of civilians since the beginning of the year, what about Gaza’s right to defend itself from Israeli encroachment and its illegal criminal blockade?”

People, it just went on and on and on, with very, very sporadic responses from tweeters who shower every day and work for a living – or so it appeared to my jaundiced eye.

Cori, who says she’s from the deep south, tweeted: “I strongly condemn Pete Buttigieg running for president. #FreePalestine”

GayWaiterPaul2020 reacted: “Pete Buttigieg is a trump democrat.”

Indigo added: “And a nerd.”

DoogLives!!!!!! #freeAssange told the candidate: “Just for your support of Israeli atrocities alone, you would never in a million years get my vote. Disgusting.”

Fredrohena: “Takes so much courage to recite the establishments talking points. You’re so brave!!”

Harik: “Now do Palestine’s right to defend itself from Israeli occupation.” Followed by “*crickets*”

Tul-dog the almighty: “Same [expletive] that’s been said for 50 years . Thanks for adding to the discussion Pete . NOT.”

★Sphinx★Of★Black★Quartz★@KingTherapy: “General Custer’s 7th cavalry has a right to defend itself against acts of terror that set back any progress towards peace and will only serve to inflame the humanitarian situation in Wounded Knee.”

Fredrohena: “Never going to vote for this guy.”

You’re invited to check this out at Pete Buttigieg’s tweet below.

Frankly, the DNC must do something to heal itself of this scourge, or sit by and watch another Trump inauguration come January 2021 – never mind the size of the crowd.