Photo Credit: courtesy, Maria Delpesce
Car sprayed with a pink swastika in Mount Olive, NJ (archive)

Mount Olive, NJ, police on August 9 arrested a boy, 16, from Budd Lake, and a girl, 16, from Dover, who spray painted black, blue and hot-pink swastikas on “multiple” buildings, signs, flags, and cars. But police do not consider these to be hate crimes, reported.

Police believe the two teens were drunk at the time of committing these crimes.


According to the Daily record, police responded to 14 such acts of vandalism in a three-day span. All 14 complaint calls came from Stedwick Village, in an area that has two apartment complexes and a town house complex.

Instagram user Maria Delpesce posted an image of a car sprayed with a pink swastika, and reported: “I live in Stedwick Village. This is the kind of vandalism that I just don’t understand. Be careful of your vehicles, although I don’t really know what we can do to stop it. Some of the vehicles are in Stedwick Village and some are on the main road (Kingsarrow). The police are trying, but what can we do???”


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