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Tara Reade

“Aside from Donald Trump himself, there probably isn’t a more controversial — or divisive — figure in America today than Ilhan Omar,” the Times of London stated on Sunday, in a huge profile article titled “Ilhan Omar interview: ‘I am America’s hope and President Trump’s nightmare.’” And as if to make good on the claim, the interview cites the anti-Semitic Muslim Democratic Congresswoman from Minnesota as saying she believes the recent allegations of sexual misconduct made against former VP Joe Biden by Tara Reade, who back in 1993 was a staff assistant in Biden’s Senate office.

Why did Reade wait until after the Democrats had decided on their presumptive presidential candidate? Why did she praise Biden time and again on social media up until the moment she flipped? Why did she post glowing praise of Vladimir Putin? Who knows – it certainly does not concern the Congresswoman who claims to be President Trump’s nightmare, but emerges as Joe Biden’s horror show.


“I do believe Reade. Justice can be delayed, but should never be denied,” Omar told the Times.

Omar’s open hostility to Biden, as well as the Democratic Party’s mainstream, mirrors that of her political ally in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who also wouldn’t endorse Biden. Both say they would support him once he runs against President Trump, but with this kind of enthusiasm the Dems might as well write off their left wing.

Omar tweeted on Monday: “To be clear, I will wholeheartedly support Joe Biden if he is the Democratic nominee. That doesn’t make him or any candidate immune from criticism. If we want to defeat Donald Trump, we need to hold each other accountable and push ourselves to be best prepared.”

Could be time to make that MAGA hat purchase in preparation for the January inauguration.

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An aside: on May 22, the veracity of Reade’s testimony was challenged by California attorneys against whose clients she had testified in court (Washington Post: As her lawyer quits, Biden accuser Tara Reade’s credibility is challenged by lawyers whose clients she testified against as an expert witness). Reade had served as an expert witness on multiple cases involving domestic violence in Monterey County, California and testified that she had received a Bachelor’s degree from Antioch University Seattle through a discrete program for victims of abuse. The university later disputed Reade’s claim. Defendants’ attorneys and the district attorney’s office announced the review of cases to determine whether Reade misrepresented her credentials, and whether her testimony significantly influenced the outcome of the cases.

Is Joe Biden just going to be the most unlucky Democratic presidential candidate since George McGovern, who didn’t win even his own state of South Dakota in 1972? Thank you, Congresswoman Omar…


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