Photo Credit: Images from the Facebook pages of the RJC and of Jamaal Bowman for Congess
The RJC vs. Jamaal Bowman

The Republican Jewish Coalition on Wednesday issued a statement on the defeat of Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in New York, noting that “the shift in the Democrat Party away from support for Israel accelerated dramatically yesterday with the primary defeat of 16-term incumbent Democrat Rep. Eliot Engel by Justice Democrats-endorsed challenger Jamaal Bowman in New York’s 16th congressional district.”

(You’ll note that the RJC guys didn’t skip this opportunity to write “Democrat” instead of “Democratic” party because it makes it look like there are rats running it. Humor – DI.)


“Engel is a mainstream Democrat who has done a great deal for the US-Israel relationship as chairman of the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee,” the boys from RJC continued, pointing out that Bowman, who was recruited and supported by Justice Democrats, has an extreme and dangerous agenda. He subscribes to the full list of radical and anti-Israel policies espoused by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, including support for the US rejoining the dangerous Iran nuclear deal and opposition to Israeli ‘settlements’ in the ‘West Bank.'”

No idea why they put the settlements in quotes – the word is a translation of the Hebrew yeshuvim, no irony implied. However, there is a heap of irony in the fact that the GOP, Jewish or not, did not run its own candidate in NY’s 16th, conceding the district to the party with the rats at the end of its name.

And as if that’s not enough, the RJC folks did not bother to endorse Bowman’s only competition in the November 3 race, Patrick McManus, who won the Conservative party’s nomination without a primary. No one else was running.

Now, I have no idea who Patrick McManus is, his online presence makes you think he might be living off the grid in a hut outside Rye with his trusted dog Molly and his AK 47, for all we know. But this is why good, rightwing Jews are sending you those funds you’re always soliciting, RJC, so you’ll do the research and see if it’s not too late to put together the normative voters of New Rochelle, Yonkers, Harrison and Scarsdale and get them behind McManus (God help us, I hope he’s not a white supremacist…).

According to Ballotpedia, McManus ran in 2014 as the Conservative Party candidate to represent the 16th Congressional District of New York in the House of Representatives, but despite the fact that he filed with the New York Board of Elections, the board rejected his petition as invalid, taking him off of the ballot for the primary election. In 2012, McManus was the Conservative Party candidate for District 80 of the New York State Assembly. Needless to say, he lost. As he did as the Conservative Party candidate for District 83 of the New York State Assembly in 2010.

“Jewish Republicans have had plenty of disagreements with Rep. Engel during his 32 years in Congress,” writes the RJC, “but his defeat is a blow to the historically bipartisan support for Israel in the US Congress. Rep. Engel’s primary loss to a far-Left anti-Israel extremist clearly shows that the GOP is the only solidly pro-Israel party – led by the most pro-Israel President in US history, Donald J. Trump.”

Yes, but if you’re not running a Republican in the 16th, and you don’t support the rightwing candidate who is in the race, you concede the district to the radical wing of the democratic party – so what good are you?


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