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Upper East Side ATM dispensed bill with swastika.

Today in anti-Semitism news: a Manhattan woman was shocked to discover a swastika stamped on cash she had pulled from an ATM inside an Upper East Side Chase Bank. The woman, NYCRobyn, 65, tweeted on Saturday: “Took money out of the bank and noticed these stamps. … symbols of hate.”


Third generation Manhattanite, photographer Robyn Roth-Moise, great-granddaughter of Hungarian-Jewish architect Emery Roth who gave us hundreds of landmark buildings, including the Warwick Hotel, Hotel St. George, and Hotel St. Moritz, told The NY Post that she took $400 from the ATM at the Chase branch at 86th Street and York Avenue (Swastika-laced cash found in Upper East Side ATM).

“I didn’t notice until I got home, and I see the swastika,” she said. “I must have stared at it for a few minutes. And thought, ‘I cannot be seeing what I’m seeing.’ It was very surreal.”

Roth also noticed another bill that was marked with a Nazi eagle – although a close examination of the image does not show a bird but rather a man wearing a Hamburg.

“I just wanted the money out of my hands. I was deeply disturbed — how did it happen? How did the money get into the machine without anyone noticing it?” Roth asked.

A bank employee told her that the bills had been fed into the ATM by a customer making a deposit. She also told the Post that the branch manager told her “the Secret Service will probably get involved.”


Well, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney tweeted that “this act of hatred is disgusting. I was in touch with Chase Bank who informed me that the ATM has been shut down.”

City Councilwoman Julie Menin was the one who convinced the branch manager to shut down the offending ATM. She stated: “Antisemitism must be called out immediately and won’t be tolerated in any form in our community or city.”

And Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center demanded the bank conduct an internal investigation. “The operative word for 2022 is accountability,” Cooper told The Post. “Chase must investigate. The perpetrator must be held accountable. These micro-events may start with Jews but left unanswered will surely spread to target Asian Americans, Blacks, etc.”



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