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An anti-Israel protester.

The NY Times on Wednesday reported on a memo that was issued by President Joe Biden, saying that “many civilians remain in danger” in Gaza, “Therefore, I am directing the deferral of removal of certain Palestinians who are present in the United States.”

According to the Times’ Hamed Aleaziz, “About 6,000 Palestinians are eligible for the reprieve under a program called Deferred Enforced Departure, which allows immigrants whose homelands are in crisis to remain in the United States and work legally.”


The executive director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Abed Ayoub, a resident of Detroit, Michigan (where the Biden campaign has been working overtime to convince Arab Americans that they are their friends and would fight “settler violence” to the bitter end when an actual violent settler would finally be found), was ecstatic. He told the Times, “There is a desperate need for this. We see the situation in Gaza and Palestine is not getting better, and this is something that is welcome, and we are glad to see it implemented. We hope other measures can come into place.”

You know something? Most Israelis feel the same way and would be even happier if the president extended his executive order to include Gazans who haven’t yet been able to make it to America. Could Detroit use another, say, 2.2 million Arabs? Don’t say another word, we can arrange it!

Biden’s security adviser Jake Sullivan said some illegal “Palestinians” aren’t eligible if they had been convicted of felonies or “are otherwise deemed to pose a public safety threat.”

Damn, there goes at least half of Gaza…

It appears that the nice anti-Israel Arab-Americans in Michigan had been pushing the White House to declare the rescue plan in light of pending legislation submitted by Western Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke, a Republican, and a former Trump administration official, titled, “Expel Palestinians from the United States.”

On November 2, 2023, Zinke introduced H.R. 6211, dubbed, the “Safeguarding Americans from Extremism (SAFE) Act,” to “prevent Palestinian terrorists from abusing the United States’ legal immigration system by requiring the Department of Homeland Security to implement a pause on all visas, refugee status and granting of asylum for individuals holding a passport issued by the Palestinian Authority. It also revokes any entrance of covered aliens who were granted visas or entered the United States on or after October 1, 2023.”

“This legislation keeps America safe,” Zinke said. “I don’t trust the Biden Administration any more than I do the Palestinian Authority to screen who is allowed to come into the United States. This is the most anti-Hamas immigration legislation I have seen and it’s well deserved. Given the circumstances, the threats to our immigration system, and the history of terrorists abusing refugee, asylum, and visa processes all over the world, the requirements in this bill are necessary to keep Americans safe. This bill does exactly that.”

According to the Times, “More than 100 staff members at the Department of Homeland Security signed an open letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in the fall, saying the agency should extend some protections to Palestinians.”

Senators Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, also signed that letter.

You get the pattern, right? As soon as an army of Arab murderers executes in the vilest ways more than a thousand Jews, the Homeland Security staff makes a point of protecting… the Army of Arab murderers.

It’s as if the US government were to establish a “Save a Nazi” program after the end of WW2. Wait, they kind of did – see Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun…

Anyway, the original idea behind Biden’s order still works for yours truly. To paraphrase Emma Lazarus’s poem at the foot of Miss Liberty: “Give me your killers, your rapists, your baby beheaders yearning to wade in Jewish blood…”

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