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Is it a boy? Or a girl? And from that point in our birth the paths we take are pretty clear. What direction will each gender take? Obviously each one’s personality and desires will influence each individual choice. However, the positions in life that Hashem gave us make us set off on different paths from the very start. A man won’t choose the path of ever giving birth.

In these days, men and woman can choose almost any job or profession they desire. And still Hashem created us differently.


In the Jewish world things tend to be a bit more categorized, and that is a good thing. Hashem in His infinite wisdom wanted the world to exist and therefore He set forth patterns and regulations that would help the world function in the healthiest way possible.

Unfortunately there are many powerful men who put woman down for various reasons. However it’s only the weak people who do this. When Hashem created man he consulted with the angles. When G-d created the woman He consulted no one. The woman was made as Hashem wished, “She’asani Kirtzono,” (according to His wish). This is a very important message to woman and men.

At times girls and woman might think that they are weaker or less capable than men are. And then they allow other people to put them down just because they assume they are less important or able.

Hashem created Chava, the mother of all mankind, since He saw that Adam needed an aid; needed someone by his side.

Adam was created by Hashem, a perfect being. And yet, Hashem saw that Adam wasn’t complete without Chava by his side. Man and woman: one isn’t greater than the other. One cannot exist and continue life without the other. One might ask themselves which is more important, the machine or the batteries? One obviously can’t work without the other. Just like our soul and our body, which is more important? The soul? And yet the soul can’t do any mitzvot without the body.

It is said about so many wise and worldly scholars and righteous people that their success was due to their wives’ and their mothers. Sara Emeinu saved her son Yitzchak from Ishmael and Hashem told Avraham to listen to her. Rivka Emeinu, saved Yaakov and made sure that the entire Jewish nation would receive the blessings for life from Yitzchak Avinu. And Rachel Emeinu and Leah Emeinu, in their wisdom, knew what to do to make sure the Jewish nation would come to the world in the best way possible.

The list goes throughout every generation, pointing out just how much wisdom and intuition a woman must have in order to set the path for a better life for all who come into her world.

Hashem gave woman the ability to bring life into the world. That ability isn’t just physical, it’s a spiritual ability to think above and beyond. Man was created with different abilities; with more technical and a “solution” way of thinking. If something doesn’t work fix it. If there is a problem take care of it. This is nice and productive. However, the world isn’t just about ‘solutionizing.’

Hashem gave the woman the ability to see beyond the problem. Because sometimes the problem has no immediate solution. Sometimes only time will tell what the reason and solution for some problem was. The ability to wait out a problem, to see ahead, to find patience and clarity as to what the next thing to do, comes straight from the mother.

The women who carry the fetuses inside of them from day one are constantly sending this message to their children. Giving them the strength to hold on no matter what’s in store for them in life. Giving them strength in the darkness, in uncertain times. In things that don’t make sense.

The process of conceiving and carrying children is so uncertain and full of problems. And yet it’s only through that process that children can come to this world and make sure the world never ceases to exist.

Kings and queens put crowns on their heads. The people of Israel are considered the crown of Hashem. A woman is like a crown on the head of her husband. A crown is beauty and glory. It is something to be proud of.

Let us recognize and live out this special ability as women, that Hashem gave us, to give and create so much goodness in this world. Let us give our children the message, that with every strong and successful man, stands an equally strong woman, pushing them beyond and praying for their ultimate success.


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