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Franz Kafka And Max Brod

Despite his own many accomplishments as a novelist, poet, composer, and musician, Max Brod (1884-1968) is perhaps best known as Kafka’s friend, supporter, and patron.

Family: A Tribute To My Zaidy

It is very important to know who and where your family came from since history has a way of repeating itself.

Winning At The Game Of Life

For better or worse, Hashem has designated this world as the exclusive place where we can create greatness.

A Ten Coarse Affair

Since this is a very frum wedding, men and women do not sit together. And it is all glatt, perilously close to glatt gluttony.

The High Commissioner For Palestine: A Tale Of Two Appointments

Luke, who previously served as Great Britain’s Governor of Jerusalem, thought he could nip the violence in its bud by summoning Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, admonishing him for the rioting, and ordering him to cease and desist.

A True Story: My Teacher And Me

I felt that as a psychology teacher, who knows and teaches so much about human nature and emotions, to explode and get so angry was not the right thing to do.

Night Life

A true night owl's day begins when everyone else is fast asleep.

Kidney Donor Rabbi Now Donates His Liver

That is unique. It is extremely rare for someone to donate a kidney and then a liver, but he was so very motivated to give this gift to someone.

The First Jewish Cabinet Secretary: The Incredible Oscar S. Straus

Many commentators characterize Straus’ appointment as a key early step in the depoliticization of the diplomatic service and its rendering as a true meritocracy.

The Art Of Talmud Torah

Given the centrality of Torah study to Jewish life... it is not surprising that Jewish artists have frequently featured it in their work.

The Deeper Side Of People-Watching

By noticing others, you are simply acknowledging that there are other people around you who have desires, lives, families, joys, aches, and hardships.

George H.W. Bush vs. Israel

Although some argue Bush’s foreign policy was a complex mix of support and opposition to Israel’s foreign policy, a strong case can be made that the Bush administration was the most hostile to Israel in American history – until Barack Obama indisputably seized the presidential anti-Israel crown.

G-d 24/7

Is G-d our best friend? Do we think of Him first before anyone else?

As The Nazi Threat Loomed, 300 Jews Escaped To… Haiti

No visas to the U.S. were issued until mid-1940. The U.S. consulate informed the refugees that their arrival in the U.S. would deprive Americans of jobs.

Jewish Rebirth In Central America

In recent years, Shavei Israel has facilitated the immigration and absorption of 3,500 Bnei Menashe Jews from India.

Seize The Moment

Sometimes you are having a bad day. Nothing seems to be going as you expected. And then you see someone at work or school who needs help with something and you help them out.

The Pro-Slavery Orthodox Rabbi

Raphall emphasized that the “slave,” in whom vests fundamental human dignity, must be served the best food and, if there is only one mattress, the slave gets it and the Jewish owner must sleep on the floor.

A Family Treasure

I could not believe that the evidence that my great-grandparents were renowned rabbis, and their names, was right in front of me all my life.

In The Beginning

When the Rebbe died, everyone grieved, but no one grieved like Pappa did.

A Time Of Miracles

A person can be anywhere in the world and he or she can feel the holiness of the holiday or of the Shabbat, no matter what.

Marlon Brando And The Play That Helped Create Israel

It is also broadly credited with playing an important role in turning American public opinion against England and forcing the British to end the Palestine Mandate and to withdraw from Eretz Yisrael.

Chanukah Greetings

As Israel’s fourth president, he used his personal standing and the prestige of his office to galvanize academics to address the danger of assimilation in Diaspora communities.

Broken Hearted

We can take our hard moments and turn them into a deep connection to the one above. We can take each opportunity of hardship and turn it into our special prayer to G-d.

Why Is The U.S. Holocaust Museum Whitewashing FDR?

Acknowledging these options would have undermined the exhibit’s theme of a weak, almost helpless Roosevelt who supposedly had no choice but to follow – rather than lead – public opinion.

Israel And America: The First Ambassadors

The fascinating story about how the name “Israel” came to be written on the document signed by Truman recognizing the new Jewish state is broadly known, but few know that the handwriting on that historic document is Elath’s.


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