Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot
The American pier floating on the water, May 27, 2024.

IDF soldiers posted in the Gaza Strip on Monday documented the American pier near Netzarim beach sinking in the water. The soldier who shot the video is overheard saying: “This is what happens when you help the enemy.”


The American pier in Gaza is a floating dock established by the United States Army on the shores of the Gaza Strip, adjacent to the north of the Netzarim corridor, last April, to provide humanitarian aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip. The American plan is to supply the Gaza Strip through via the pier with about 2 million daily food rations.

On May 10 we reported that the US military had completed construction of the floating pier and its causeway, or Trident section, that would be anchored to the Gaza shore. But the weather delayed the delivery of the components to the Gaza area, according to Sabrina Singh, deputy Pentagon press secretary.

US Central Command “temporarily paused moving the floating pier and Trident pier toward the vicinity of Gaza due to sea state considerations,” Singh said.

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