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Shidduchim Myths & Misconceptions

17 Shevat 5766 – February 15, 2006
To the best of my knowledge a census has yet to be taken, but common belief is that quality Jewish men are an endangered species, while the pick of women has never been better.

Black Hat, Gray Hat, No Hat: Reflections on Orthodox Factionalism

10 Shevat 5766 – February 8, 2006
Parents may push for a different type of shidduch from the one preferred by their son or daughter.

Orthodox and Israeli: When the Two Don’t Mix

4 Shevat 5766 – February 1, 2006
Aaron Klein is Jerusalem bureau chief for WorldNetDaily, co-host of ABC Radio's national John Bachelor Show, and he appears throughout the week on other U.S. radio programs.

Retail Kings

26 Tevet 5766 – January 25, 2006
They can't quite take credit for inventing them, but Jews had a long, colorful, and mostly profitable involvement with the great retail emporiums - the large scale specialty and department stores that came, literally and figuratively, to dominate the landscape of 20th century America.

Caveat Emptor – Beware of Grave Robbers

It is not uncommon for Observant Jews to want to be buried in Eretz Yisroel.

Israel’s Plague of Conspiracism

18 Tevet 5766 – January 18, 2006
Conspiracism is probably best characterized as a form of mental illness.

Resolving The Yeshiva Tuition Crisis

11 Tevet 5766 – January 11, 2006
America's Founding Fathers said "no taxation without representation." They never said "no taxation" period.

Joseph: The Second Betrayal

4 Tevet 5766 – January 4, 2006
The only remaining justification for disengagement is supposed to be demographic: that by withdrawing from Gaza Israel postponed the day when Jews become a minority in their own country.

Light in the Darkness

27 Kislev 5766 – December 28, 2005
He had wanted to sit up and convey to Washington his firm belief that they would be triumphant despite their formidable straits.

Discerning Reality

20 Kislev 5766 – December 21, 2005
Will Sharon continue the policy of ethnically cleansing the Land of Israel of Jews and transfer 95 percent of Judea and Samaria to our enemies - even before he begins negotiating Jerusalem, the immigration of foreign Arabs to the Land of Israel and Israel's security arrangements with anyone?

A Forgotten Champion of American Orthodoxy

21 Heshvan 5766 – November 23, 2005
Rabbi Dr. Bernard Drachman (1861 - 1945)

The Case Against College – But For a College Education

16 Tishri 5766 – October 19, 2005
A number of weeks ago I received an email from someone asking me to consider writing an article about yeshiva high school students and college education.

The Disengagement Deal

3 Elul 5765 – September 7, 2005
On the eve of the unilateral Gaza withdrawal, Ariel Sharon explained his action to the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot:

Nixon: The ‘Anti-Semite’ Who Saved Israel

27 Tammuz 5765 – August 3, 2005
If judged only by what is heard on his White House tapes, Richard Nixon, who resigned the presidency 31 years ago this week, appears to have been a man obsessed with Jews, stewing in negative feelings, never hesitating to use the crudest of slurs.

The World’s Jew

8 Tammuz 5765 – July 15, 2005
Christian social workers come to visit. They say: "Stand firm, this is your home, stand up for your rights".

Is This Simcha Really a Simcha?

8 Sivan 5765 – June 15, 2005
You glance through your mail, and there it is - an invitation to a simcha. It could be a chasuna ora Bar Mitzvah.

Six Days Remembered

23 Iyyar 5765 – June 1, 2005
U.S. President Lyndon Johnson affirms that it is illegal to blockade Israeli shipping in an international waterway, but diplomatic efforts fail to compel Egypt to reopen the waterway.

The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege

9 Iyyar 5765 – May 18, 2005
This was the rhetorical stance of the Peace Movement from 1977 to 1992, when Likud either dominated or was an equal partner in Israeli governments, and the position won more and more adherents from the ranks of Labor's constituency.

A Tribe Apart: Jews of the American South

2 Iyyar 5765 – May 11, 2005
They are not the Jews of bagels and lox brunches with the Sunday New York Times.

Monument To Life

25 Nisan 5765 – May 4, 2005
In a macabre sort of way, this photo is an old friend. Having seen it so many times before, I am "comfortable" with the imagery.

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