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Hatchet Job On Kosher Meat Company

11 Sivan 5766 – June 7, 2006
I was in New York on Thursday, May 25, when a banner front-page headline in that week's Forward caught my eye from the newspaper box on the Manhattan street-corner.

In The Shadow of the Apple Tree

5 Sivan 5766 – May 31, 2006
Intellectual communication marks the Gemini trait . . . and the green-colored emerald is the gemstone associated with this month.

How a Holocaust Happens

6 Iyyar 5766 – May 3, 2006
Unchecked, the 2000 intifada against the Jews inevitably went global.

America, Israel and Tony Judt

28 Nisan 5766 – April 26, 2006
After Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer posted an anti-Israel polemic on the website of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government - styled as a "research" paper but containing virtually no original research and riddled with extraordinary scholarly lapses - the response of much of the mainstream media in America was admirable.

The Multimillionaire Who Remained True to Orthodoxy

21 Nisan 5766 – April 19, 2006
In 1924 Harry Fischel had occasion to visit the town of Eishishok in Lithuania.

Symposium: Palestinian Shame, Jewish Guilt

15 Nisan 5766 – April 12, 2006
In its turn, the Palestinian street sees in Hamas, the "liberators" of Gaza, the agents of final victory over Israel and votes them into power.

The Election Everyone Lost

7 Nisan 5766 – April 5, 2006
The Israeli election played out in the shadow of the Hamas victory and the creation of an armed Hamas-led fascist state and terrorist army positioned in the suburbs of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

He Who Destroys a Single Jewish Life…

1 Nisan 5766 – March 29, 2006
The "if in doubt throw it out" attitude that used to be applied to food products is now being applied to Jewish children.

Court-Sanctioned Bigotry Against Our Children

22 Adar 5766 – March 22, 2006
Of course, there are those who say this is a perfectly reasonable system. After all, you don't have to send your children to a religious school.

The War for Peace and Democracy

15 Adar 5766 – March 15, 2006
Over the past four years, other free nations have risen in the broader Middle East. Across that region, the political dialogue has been transformed - and politicians, scholars, students, and men and women from every walk of life are talking about freedom, equal rights, and accountable institutions of government.

Purim: Agony and Ecstasy

9 Adar 5766 – March 9, 2006
Paradoxically, Baruch Mordechai's physique was at odds with his state of mind. He was of tall and powerful build.

Reporter’s Notebook: Who Is Ehud Olmert?

2 Adar 5766 – March 1, 2006
With elections less than a month away, many in Israel are concerned and even frightened over the likelihood that Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be elected prime minister in his own right.

Shidduchim Myths & Misconceptions

17 Shevat 5766 – February 15, 2006
To the best of my knowledge a census has yet to be taken, but common belief is that quality Jewish men are an endangered species, while the pick of women has never been better.

Black Hat, Gray Hat, No Hat: Reflections on Orthodox Factionalism

10 Shevat 5766 – February 8, 2006
Parents may push for a different type of shidduch from the one preferred by their son or daughter.

Orthodox and Israeli: When the Two Don’t Mix

4 Shevat 5766 – February 1, 2006
Aaron Klein is Jerusalem bureau chief for WorldNetDaily, co-host of ABC Radio's national John Bachelor Show, and he appears throughout the week on other U.S. radio programs.

Retail Kings

26 Tevet 5766 – January 25, 2006
They can't quite take credit for inventing them, but Jews had a long, colorful, and mostly profitable involvement with the great retail emporiums - the large scale specialty and department stores that came, literally and figuratively, to dominate the landscape of 20th century America.

Caveat Emptor – Beware of Grave Robbers

It is not uncommon for Observant Jews to want to be buried in Eretz Yisroel.

Israel’s Plague of Conspiracism

18 Tevet 5766 – January 18, 2006
Conspiracism is probably best characterized as a form of mental illness.

Resolving The Yeshiva Tuition Crisis

11 Tevet 5766 – January 11, 2006
America's Founding Fathers said "no taxation without representation." They never said "no taxation" period.

Joseph: The Second Betrayal

4 Tevet 5766 – January 4, 2006
The only remaining justification for disengagement is supposed to be demographic: that by withdrawing from Gaza Israel postponed the day when Jews become a minority in their own country.

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