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A Nurse In Israel

Together with her husband, she helped found the first hospital in Beersheva, which was then just a desert.

There’s Hardly Any Anti-Semitism In Russia – Thanks To Putin? – An Interview with...

It’s very much in style and cool to be Jewish in Russia today. In the past, people were afraid to let others know they were Jewish; today, they are very proud – and many non-Jews want to be part of it too.

Spreading Joy Despite The Pain

We're powered by a mixture of inner joy and adrenaline and the audience is able to tap into these positive feelings.

Could Schmaltz Really Be Good For You? An Interview with Science Journalist Nina Teicholz

We've been living with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and cancer for so long that we assume they've always been present. But that's not the case.

When You Sing, You’re Sharing Your Neshama

Popper’s maiden name is Gott, which is German for God. “The name felt like a mismatch with my upbringing,” she relayed.


Three years ago, I wrote about the Alon Hesder unit that had lost seven soldiers in the battle for Beirut during the Peace for...

Memories Of Camp Bais Yaakov

Rabbi Neuhouse wanted many girls to have opportunities to be in camp. So, he got people to sponsor them.

Pushing Hard

Because she still has that inner drive to tell over what happened, because she just had to push herself.

Mid-Summer Musings

Unlike Goldberg, most Israelis saw the inauguration as a dramatic, yet modest affair, fulfillment of America’s promise as per the U.S. Congressional law passed in 1995.

Meeting The Likes Of Putin, Assad, And Reagan – For 32 Years: An Interview...

Serving as President for 32 years, Malcolm Hoenlein has served longer than 6 White House administrations, has met each of those Presidents and most every world leader. Enjoy this unique interview with a third of a century of Jewish leadership

Meir Zlotowitz’s Legacy: The Spiritual Engine Of American Orthodoxy’s Renaissance

Rabbi Berel Wein has said that Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz became “the greatest teacher of Jewish People in our generation by making the Torah available to the English-speaking Jewish world.” His legacy is a gift to us all.

With Historic Record Deal, Hasidic Singer Brings a Universal Message

Lemmer said there wasn’t one big moment where he realized he could be a professional singer, but has been on albums since the age of 14 and rose up the ranks to be a featured soloist in the Shira Choir.

‘There Are Jews In China?’ – An Interview with Chabad Shlucha Dina Greenberg

Lubavitch shluchim move to all sorts of exotic places in their effort to ignite Jewish souls around the globe. But there’s exotic, and then...

Life Lessons

He also tries to close the gap between male and female students and advance the girls in math. He also tries to teach them to be good people.

Sending My Son Off To The Army

I was proud of my son that he decided to dedicate time to Torah learning. Even as a religious boy, he could have opted to go straight to the army.

Widen The Derech

It’s not about troubled youth, but any youth that may face troubles. Look at trouble not as an adjective but as a verb. The core issue of such youth is the feeling of loneliness.

Translating One Classic After Another – For 40 Years: An Interview with Eliyahu Munk

A fascinating interview with the esteemed and prolific translator 96 year-old Eliyahu Munk.

Inside The Mossad

I've been attacked from all political sides with some calling me a "Mossad propagandist" and others claiming I'm "anti-Israel".

Making Kiruv Last Forever

As a resident of Kew Gardens Hills, Queens, I see them quite often. They are led into the local batei medrash or shul by...

Bat Ami: Healing Hands

All my life I just wanted to disappear but suddenly I have responsibility; I have to face challenges, take care of the animals, and interact with the public.

Special to The Jewish Press: An Interview With “Ambassador Friedman’s Rabbi”

Let me start by saying that I never endorse politicians. Am I surprised? No! Because Trump is not your typical individual.

‘From Leftism To Sanity’: An Interview With Award-Winning Journalist Melanie Phillips

The Palestinians produce propaganda every day, using Nazi cartoons, with which they brainwash their children about the "demonic Jews" and the Jewish a conspiracy against Islam and humanity.

Healing Nature

Some of the animals that are saved, but can't be reintroduced into the wild, are given to Deer Country Park, where Avihu takes care of them.

Establishing Torah Homes One Shidduch At A Time

All are here with a sense of purpose and determination. And, of course, they will also experience a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend.

To Never Forget

Their anguish and tears were for naught; one was told to go left, the other ordered to go right.

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