Personal Redemption

My goal is to strive to create safe healing space for strong women to support others.

I Am A Palestinian

Tsipora yearned for grandparents, to call someone "Savta or Saba." She was jealous of her friends who spent Shabbat at aunts or uncles.

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis: Daring To Care: An Interview With Her Daughter, Rebbetzin Slovie...

My mother believed in the pinteleh Yid that exists in every Jew. And she would never ever, ever allow herself, or anyone else, to give up hope on any neshamah.

Shulchan Aruch For Bnei Noach Set To Be Published

The Brit Olam organization is in contact with thousands of Bnei Noach who seek spiritual and halachic guidance.

Jewish Dating Apps and the Downfall of Jewish Marriage

Dating apps have really changed the way many young Jews approach dating.

Abraham Joshua Heschel: An Orthodox Thinker?

Many attempts to secularize Judaism describe halachot as utilitarian. They’re useful for certain purposes as opposed to being acts in which you can connect to a personal G-d.

Brooklyn-Born Candidate Running for Efrat City Council Seat

Avraham Ben-Tzvi believes the Eitam hill, Efrat’s only remaining land reserve, must be developed urgently, or the town will lose it for good.

‘The Greatest Event In History Is About To Occur’ – A Conversation With Roy...

Growing up in a wealthy, but very secular, Jewish home on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, Roy S. Neuberger never imagined he would one day be a sought-after speaker in the Orthodox Jewish world.

CAMERA Student Conference Imbues Leaders Of Tomorrow With Knowledge, Tools To Make The Case...

Osakwe, like many other students at the CAMERA conference, described an extremely hostile campus environment when it comes to the issue of Israel.

This Remarkable Woman Stood Up To Feminism – And Won: An Interview with Andrew...

Schlafly organized a grassroots movement against the ERA, arguing that it would harm women, not help them. She was right.

‘My Father’s Soul Was Burning To Help Klal Yisrael’: Amos Bunim Discusses the Legacy...

Irving Bunim (1901-1980) is probably best known among Orthodox Jews for his best-selling, three-volume Ethics From Sinaicommentary on Pirkei Avos.

Lehi Fighter Recalls 1948 Battle At Deir Yassin

Arab women and children had rifles like the men. We had to battle our way from house to house. Arab men dressed as women surprised more than one of our troops.

Mementos From An Exiled Generation

Each montage is profoundly different, reflecting the vastly distinctive experiences of the Jewish people.

Sylva Zalmanson: From Soviet Prisoner Of Zion To Accomplished Israeli Artist

"I wish I could go back in time and whisper in my parents' ears, "Don't worry, it will be all right."

Beyond Church And State: School Vouchers And The Blaine Amendment

Like clockwork, the question of school vouchers makes a prominent appearance whenever the media focus on a statewide election in New York, particularly one in a heavily Orthodox district. The latest chime was sounded during the battle between Lew Fidler and David Storobin to fill an open state senate seat; both promised constituents that they would make the fight for vouchers and tax education credits their priority.

‘I Believe In Saying Exactly What I Think’: An Interview With Likud MK Danny...

The Likud's Danny Danon, named the member of Knesset "most loyal to the right-wing's agenda" in a recent survey, was in New York for September's convening of the UN General Assembly. He was on a mission "to ensure that the world understands the Likud Party and the people of Israel will not accept American pressure on settlement freezes or on construction in Jerusalem."

Talner Rebbe, Harvard Professor, Soloveitchik Son-In-Law

“After 1967, Rabbi Twersky and Rav Soloveitchik ate breakfast, lunch, and supper together three days a week, spent Shabbasos together, and formally had chavrusa time together.”

Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Grandson Speaks Out

Over the last decade, the political Right has...totally forgotten about returning to Shechem, Jenin, and Jericho - let alone Gush Katif.

Gemara In The Morning, Cancer Research In The Afternoon

Not too many rabbis spend their day trying to cure cancer. Fewer still own three dogs and a killer fish named Shalom on the side. But Rabbi Dr. Robert Shorr does and sees no inherent conflict or tension between his various activities.

Can We Rebuild The Beit Hamikdash Today? An Interview with Temple Institute Director Rabbi...

The location of the Ark is recorded in our sources, and today, there are those who know exactly where it is.

Orthodox Jewish Woman Champions Controversial Iraqi MP

Esther Kandel, an Orthodox Jewish mother of three, was a Zionist her whole life. But only recently has her heartfelt love of Israel burst forth in an explosion of activism.

The Man Who Wants To Build The Third Beit HaMikdash: An Interview with Activist...

If the State of Israel has a G-d, its name is 'Sheket' - keep quiet. Just leave things the way they are.

Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

He has always supported the underdog, once even quite literally, legislating a law that prohibits the abandonment of pets.

Learning To Play A Sacred New Song

The conductor gazed down at the orchestra, waved his baton and the stirring sounds of Grieg's "Triumphal March" began to fill the air.

’In Case Of Moshiach Break Glass’

“Anshie,” says Moully, “is willing to push the envelope by taking an age-old concept and making it contemporary."

Wheels of Progress Keep Rolling Along for Special Needs Kids and Their Parents

I had to hire a babysitter so that I could go shopping or have someone come with me to push Caroline in her wheelchair.

Spotlight On Jewish Community Watch

“The fear of being exposed publicly is the only thing that will stop people,” observed Seewald.

Will Bibi Keep Tal Brody’s Dream Alive?

JERUSALEM - Just prior to the Likud Party primaries last fall, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu arranged a press conference to introduce a variety of new faces who stood a legitimate chance of being elected to the Knesset.

Jamaican Hip-Hopper Turned Orthodox Jew: A Candid Talk With Yoseph Robinson

At the height of his musical success and while indulging in all the material abundance Hollywood had to offer, Yoseph chanced upon a Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch edition of the Chumash. Yoseph's life was transformed. He decided to reject the emptiness and egotism of the Hollywood lifestyle and embrace Yiddishkeit. Yoseph converted to Judaism and now lives in Brooklyn as an Orthodox Jew.


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