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Daf Yomi

The Shofar On Shabbos ‘Rosh Hashanah That Fell on Shabbos’ (Rosh Hashanah 29b)

Should An 80-Year-Old Have A Bar Mitzvah?

Question: A number of synagogues feature bar mitzvah celebrations for elderly Jews. Is this proper?


1 Sivan 5774 – May 29, 2014
"I have no doubt you should pay the full value of the repair," replied Zvi, "but I'm willing to ask Rabbi Dayan how much you owe."

Daf Yomi

Sanctified For Now And Thereafter ‘In Front of the Sun or Behind It?’ (Rosh Hashana 23b)

Two Days Rosh Hashanah, Eruvin And Eggs

From this decree on, the two days of Rosh Hashanah, unlike the two days of Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot, were no longer celebrated out of doubt but out of certainty.

Ritual Without Morality

Hashem understood their complaint and therefore selected the ritual mitzvah of sukkah to test them.

Why Two Days For Shavuot?

23 Iyyar 5774 – May 22, 2014
Question: Why is Shavuot celebrated as a two-day Yom Tov?

Renew Now!

"Why are we allowed to read the magazine without paying for it?" asked Mr. Schreiber. "Shouldn't there be at least a mitzvah of hashavat aveidah?"

Daf Yomi

An Art Collector’s Dilemma! ‘Rabban Gamaliel Had The Form Of Various Moon Shapes…’ (Rosh Hashanah 24a)

Out Of Luck

17 Iyyar 5774 – May 16, 2014
"Hillel's name was omitted from the raffle," Mr. Simon said to Rabbi Dayan. "The winner is willing to settle with him, but another participant wants to invalidate the lottery entirely. Must it be redone?"

Daf Yomi

Appreciating His Infinite Mercy ‘I Am He Before The Person Sins…’ (Rosh Hashanah 17b)

Sefirat HaOmer Via Shome’a K’oneh

15 Iyyar 5774 – May 14, 2014
Question: Can one fulfill the mitzvah of Sefirat HaOmer via shome’a k’oneh (listening to someone else say the necessary words without saying anything oneself)?

Daf Yomi

Hillel’s Innovation ‘The Second Month Of Solomon’s Rule’ (Rosh Hashanah 2b)

Along For The Ride

Sometimes, we even force people not to act this way but to let others benefit.

Kohanim Blessing Jews

2 Iyyar 5774 – May 1, 2014
Question: Is it permissible for kohanim to bless Jews outside the context of Birkat Kohanim?

Daf Yomi

A Woman’s Oneg Yom Tov ‘You Shall Call The Shabbos A Delight’ (Beitzah 34b)


He flipped through the pages, looking for some identification. "Absolutely no marks; it's brand new," Yosef said. "Since there are no identifying marks, the item is hefker [ownerless] and can be taken; I'm taking it for myself."

Daf Yomi

Altered States ‘Examining A Bechor Is Not The Same’ (Beizah 27a)

On Whose Side?

"I just picked up a case of tuna at the supermarket up the block, three for $2," Mrs. Cooper said. "You may want to buy the tuna there."

Sefirat HaOmer

Because the Torah requires one to count “seven complete weeks” one should count at the beginning of the day, which in Jewish law begins on the preceding night.

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