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Yesh Atid Chaieman Yair Lapid decided to withdraw his decision to conduct free elections among party members for the role of party chairman and primaries to decide the list of candidates, Israel’s Channel 10 News revealed Thursday. Lapid initially promised, when he established Yesh Atid in 2012, that he would lead the party for two consecutive terms and then open it up for the voters to choose their leaders. Channel 10 reported Lapid had reached the decision on his own, without consulting with other party members.

Israeli political parties have three ways of picking their candidates: Likud, Labor, Bayit Yehudi, Meretz, and the United Arab List (at least two out of three of its factions) invite their members to vote for their favorite leaders, each party on a separate, nationwide primary day; the ultra-Orthodox party decides its candidate list through negotiations and Shas by a directive of the Council of Sages; and the rest are the private domain of the party bosses — Avigdor Liebrman, Moshe Kahlon, and Yair Lapid.


Lapid, like the other two bosses in the Knesset, also retained the right to pick the list of candidates for the next Knesset elections. Now, does this mean that he knows something the rest of us do not? Is Netanyahu planning yet another run, less than a year after the last one?

Yesh Atid dropped from 19 to 11 seats in the 20th Knesset, and has been sharing the center with Kahlon’s Kulanu, with its 10 members. Both Lapid and Kahlon have run the Finance Ministry during their stint in government, and both are competing for the same voters; they could cobble together the largest party in the Knesset, but they won’t. So the fight between them promises to be fierce. And so, whether the next elections come now or in three years from now, Lapid must recruit the best list of candidates he can against Kahlon, who will have the momentum of incumbency.

In other words, Democracy, shmedocracy, ya first gotta’ win it to be in it…



  1. "…In other words, Democracy, shmedocracy…"

    Democracy, liberalism, free market capitalism…these are very nice ideas, ideologies, or systems but in order for them to work we would need suitable "users".

    And by birth we are unsuitable and we can see the results all over the world today.
    Our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature, introverted and subjective perception of reality distorts, and corrupts even the best laid plans, most optimal looking social, economic or governing setups.

    Without upgrading, adapting the "user", the human being we will continue blindly running our vicious cycles always ending in a dead end, "resolving" with an explosion like revolutions, wars, economic collapse.
    Observing how the global world is faring, watching current election campaigns, financial markets, geopolitical hotspots we can conclude that humanity is getting close to the next such explosive "resolution".

    Fortunately we Jews have the solution, but we haven't been using it lately.
    Over 2000 years ago we left the national unity, absolute mutual responsibility behind as unfounded hatred overcame our predecessors.
    But we still have the method, and we still have the historic experience in our DNA.
    We are the only ones who can create "supernatural" – above inherent nature – unity, mutually complementing cooperation despite differences, rejection, above unfounded hatred.
    Today not only Jews but the whole world needs our remedy.

  2. The Chassidishe Farbrengen is a spiritual idea to bring from far our desparate selves–a desire to be whole mixed with an ego to separate. However, whole adds, selfish does not–so the total group environment overwhelms the individual egos and brings towards the whole. This is a wonderful model, a reminiscence of what we once were on huge scale. If we do that, if we reach unity again to be B'Tzelem Elok-m–Hash-m, the G-d Who is Echad, can any ego of the nations stop us–and can they not be drawn in like moths to a flame until all the barbarism of human are gone and only the true humanity remains.

    That we be the World's teacher, and they grab our tallis fringes and say, "Please take us with you because we know that G-d is with you."

    "You are One, and Your name is One, and who is like Your people Israel, one nation on the earth." — Shabbat Mincha Amidah

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