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September 24, 2014 / 29 Elul, 5774
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Meir Panim with Soldiers 5774 Roundup: Year of Relief and Service for Israel’s Needy

Meir Panim implements programs that serve Israel’s neediest populations with respect and dignity. Meir Panim also coordinated care packages for families in the South during the Gaza War.

7 IDF Soldiers Killed Today in Battles

idf rescue A wounded Israeli soldier is carried into Soroka hospital in the southern city of Beersheba  flash 90

Photo Credit: Flash 90

8:02pm Released for publication:

7 IDF officers and soldiers HY”D were killed in battles with Hamas, since last night.

Four IDF soldiers were killed in the Nir Am infiltration attack this morning.

They were killed by an RPG that was fired at their jeep by the Hamas tunnel terrorists. The jeep was on its way to engage them in battle.

All the tunnel terrorists were wearing IDF uniform.

Three IDF soldiers were killed in Gaza, 2 from Golani, by an RPG attack on the building they were in.

A third IDF soldier was killed in Sujaiya.

The IDF death toll has now risen to 25 soldiers. In addition, in the past 2 hours 30 soldiers have been wounded. Three seriously, 8 moderately, and 19 lightly.

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101 Responses to “7 IDF Soldiers Killed Today in Battles”

  1. Baruch Dayan H’Emet

  2. large differnce 7 & 510

  3. Asirono Tann says:

    go bck, use carpet boom. nomatter how u act the world is blame u, so better use the ultimate

  4. Jeff Sanders says:

    I am sure they died honorably while fighting the Hamas- Nazis.

  5. May Davies says:

    That’s because Israel DEFENDS its people (as in “Israeli DEFENSE Forces”), and Hamas sends its people to die and places them in harm’s way. The blood of Arab lives lost are on Hamas’ hands, not Israel’s. Does Hamas have a hospital set up for Israeli wounded like Israel has for wounded Gazans? No Hamas won’t even allow one wounded transpot in their ambulances. They are so bent on death that they lead their civilians to die and then leave them to suffer and die when they are wounded. And THEN they complain about lost lives?

  6. May Davies says:

    Islam invests to kill at all cost, and Israel invests to protect lives at all costs.

  7. Mark Sls says:

    Baruch Dayan Haemet! It hurts me so much to hear this.

  8. So tragic, this loss is unbearable.

  9. This is a sad day for Israel god bless you IDF and it’s supporters

  10. this is too much. it is too much to lose these precious chayalim. this tragic loss is heart wrenching.

  11. Baruch Dayan HaEmet…. Our thoughts and prayers with you all in Israel

  12. Lynette Marx says:

    Heartbreaking MTDSRIP – our thoughts and prayers are with our beloved Israel always

  13. Keren Bar says:

    Terrible Terrible Terrible. Am Israel Chai. Lord please protect each and every IDF soldier.

  14. Keren Bar says:

    Shut up stupid

  15. Keren Bar says:

    Shut up stupid

  16. Shani Baum says:

    G-d bless their souls. True heroes! May they rest in peace.

  17. How can they ppl (Hamas & Plastine) b protect itself for u (jews) .u killed innocent childrens they playing football nd u jews cheered..its shame for u as a humantity

  18. Your hatred – longing for death, shows what kind of people you are.

  19. Breaks my heart, all these young soldiers…………..

  20. Orah Peer says:

    yihe zichram baruch.

  21. Keren Bar says:

    I serve a God of love Zaman, not death, suicide is not allowed by our God. If you serve Jesus the Son of God and love the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob we worship the same God.

  22. Adios Malobo says:

    R.i.p soldiers.Tanzania wic Israel

  23. That land belonged to thousands years.God gave it to Abraham. .In Gods time God will give all that land back to Isreal. War is always so sad..praying.

  24. So sorry God bless

  25. It breaks my heart!

  26. It breaks my heart!

  27. Praying Psalm 91 , Israeli forces and families, You are ever in our hearts, Shalome, Beloved!

  28. Its war time SOLDIERS! No fear, FEAR begets DEFEAT

  29. Mark Stuber says:

    I wish I knew the tactical details of these deaths. I suspect, the IDF is taking chances, beyond what they are morally obligated to do, to avoid the deaths of innocent children.

  30. Andrew Barer says:

    These losses are terrible but you have to finish the fight and take Hamas and the tunnels out or these people died for nothing. Iran needs to be gone and Israel will have peace until then they are always in danger.

  31. Andrew Barer says:

    These losses are terrible but you have to finish the fight and take Hamas and the tunnels out or these people died for nothing. Iran needs to be gone and Israel will have peace until then they are always in danger.

  32. Sorry for the loses! May the Lord comfort you and heal the broken hearted. Amein ~

  33. They gave their lives for their country. Go, IDF. RIP young men.

  34. Lord protect the IDF

  35. God bless them and their families. Each soul is a terrible loss. God cover and protect the IDF.

  36. Unbearable tragic.

  37. Fifi Brakha says:

    May Hashem protect all Am
    Israel amen

  38. How are the terrorists wearing IDF uniforms?!

  39. From India with love

  40. Josef Blaha says:

    תהיה נשמה שלהם צרורה ברוח האלהים

Comments are closed.

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