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September 30, 2014 / 6 Tishri, 5775
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Meir Panim with Soldiers 5774 Roundup: Year of Relief and Service for Israel’s Needy

Meir Panim implements programs that serve Israel’s neediest populations with respect and dignity. Meir Panim also coordinated care packages for families in the South during the Gaza War.

Anti-Semitism Roundup: July 31

Belgian doctor tells Jewish patient to "go to Gaza" for treatment; Dutch woman told “Heil Hitler, Hitler is coming back, Jews must die.”
"Pro-Palestinian" demonstrators in Sydney, Australia.

"Pro-Palestinian" demonstrators in Sydney, Australia.

A Belgian physician refused to treat a Jewish woman Wednesday, saying the woman suffering from a fractured rib should “go to Gaza to get rid of the pain.”

According to a JTA report, the physician made the remark while manning a medical hotline in Flanders, discerning that the patient was Jewish because her grandson had an American accent. Antwerp, the capital of Belgium’s Flemish region, has a sizeable Orthodox population.

JTA did not name the doctor, but said that a local Jewish newspaper, Joods Actueel, confirmed the exchange, saying he had an “emotional reaction.”

Hershy Taffel, Bertha Klein’s grandson with the American accent, filed a complaint with police for discrimination. “It reminds me of what happened in Europe 70 years ago,” Taffel told Joods Actueel. “I never thought those days would once again be repeated.”

The incident was the latest in a series of anti-Jewish attacks in Belgium: On May 24, a Muslim man opened fire at the Jewish Museum on Brussels, killing four. More recently, European media reported that a Orthodox woman was refused service at a clothes store in Antwerp, and police removed a sign in French and Turkish from a café near Liege which said dogs were allowed but Zionists and Jews were not.

The poster says it all.

The poster says it all.


JTA reported that a Jewish woman who displayed an Israeli flag from her balcony in Amsterdam was targeted with a firebomb and death threats. A firebomb landed on the balcony of neighbors of Leah Rabinovitch, a Mexico-born Jewish woman who flew the Israeli flag on Amsterdam’s Kruger Square, located in an eastern neighborhood heavily populated with Moroccan immigrants, Het Parool daily reported Wednesday. The report did not say whether the firebomb ignited and whether it caused any damage, but according to the FokNews website, it landed on a neighbor’s balcony.

Fok also reported that a stone that was hurled at Rabinovitch’s apartment smashed a window and that one of the death threats sent to Rabinovitch read: “Heil Hitler, Hitler is coming back, Jews must die.” Rabinovitch and her partner put out the flag several weeks ago as a sign of solidarity with Israel’s assault on Hamas in Gaza. Their downstairs neighbors displayed on their balcony a Palestinian flag, and demanded that Rabinovitch remove her flag. Complaints by the downstairs neighbor led the Rochdale housing association that manages the apartments to send letters to both apartments ordering them to remove the flags and warning that they would be held accountable for damages resulting from vandalism, Het Parool reported. Rochdale defined the conflict as an “ongoing neighbor quarrel.”

Rabinovitch told Het Parool she had no previous conflicts with the neighbors prior to hanging the flag. “They present it as though I was trying to provoke with my flag but it wasn’t about making a statement,” she said. “We find it difficult to understand why Rochdale, the police and the neighbors want us to remove our flag. Should I feel afraid in my own house? If I remove the flag it means tolerating anti-Israel-Semitism.”


In Madrid, Jewish groups said they would file suit over an anti-Semitic article in the national daily El Mundo. Renowned Spanish author Antonio Gala wrote on Tuesday that “The Jewish People could have done much good for mankind” but “it is a thought they were not made to coexist.

Gala also said the Gaza operation justified the explosion of Jews from Spain in 1492. “It’s not strange that they have been so frequently expelled,” Gala continued. “What is surprising is that they persist….Now you have to suffer their abuses in Gaza,” he wrote.

Down Under

In Sydney, Australia, a Jewish reporter covering an anti-Israel protest for the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) was targeted by a man of Middle Eastern appearance shouting: “Shame on you! Ya Jewish! You are Jewish! Shame on you!” The rally was attended by several members of parliament, mainly from the radical Greens Party, including Senator Lee Rhiannon, who accused Israel of “war crimes” in Gaza but couldn’t seem to find the words to address the Judeophobic nature of pro-Palestinian activism. The incident was followed several days later by a vicious anti-Semitic cartoon, published in the Sydney Morning Herald, picturing a hook-nosed Jew enjoying an afternoon’s entertainment by sitting in his armchair overlooking Gaza and using a television remote control to attack residents of the Strip.

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130 Responses to “Anti-Semitism Roundup: July 31”

  1. If Israel can’t be blamed, it’s not worth protesting.

  2. Stop feeding the arab trolls, they’re not worth the effort.

  3. John Scala says:

    Enough is enough, level Gaza…hope you can swim Ashcan

  4. John Scala says:

    Hey kid, go hide in a hospital or UN building…we’ve got a present for you!

  5. All why Hamas leaders hide and have the little man fight for them and they sit in righteousness i don’t think so.

  6. sorry, this tired propaganda does not work anymore. Try asking Hamas to put down there guns and cease fire & destroy the tunnels they’ve been building for years… then it will be peaceful once again.

  7. From the mouths of babes !
    Bring up a child in the way he shall go and he will not depart far from it !….. So they are raising them to hate Israel ! Injustice to the children .

  8. Andy Rossell says:

    Little boy did your racist Daddy teach you that , there is no future for you or him.

  9. Ashjad Khalik …. An unbridled attack ! Hamas fired on Israel first … For a month in fact before Israel , even fired back! Stop listening to liberal media . It’s turning your brain into mush!

  10. Oren Meldung says:

    your parents are terrorists for not teaching you how to spell.

  11. Andy Rossell says:

    Ali there is no hope for you , born blind.

  12. Ali Haider says:

    Jews= parasites and viruses
    Which should remove from world.
    These war crimes and evil or brutal deeds and acts result in another Holocaust but this will real…

  13. Hamas fired for a full month , before Israel fired back! No country on earth would put up with that! You’re dang lucky Israel hasn’t wiped them off the map……. No more less then Hamas would do to Israel …. A LIE DOESNT MAKE IT TRUE …. Ashjad

  14. Ali Haider says:

    Muslims saved and protected Jews in middle ages..
    Jews kill them in modern age kil

  15. 15,200 rockets fired at Israel since 2001
    11,000 rockets fired at Israel since 2005 from Gaza
    Out of that there were 35 fatalities and 1,700 injuries
    How is this even possible. Either the Arabs are the stupidest people on the planet or G-d has obviously chosen which nation to protect. I think it’s both.

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  21. Ali Haider says:

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  22. Semitics tribes are Jews and Arabs

  23. David Cohen says:

    Ali, Khalid and the rest of you trolls spout hate, mindlessly chant slogans and post falsified videos in support of people who only destroy. Israel and the Jews in general have done more good in the world than you ever could conceive of. You on the other hand live in the most unjust societies in the world an scary blame everybody for your problems but yourself and your selfish, greedy leaders. Shame on you.

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  30. John Scala says:

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  31. Israel will stand strong and proudly and I stand with her.
    And I will fight Anti-Semitism by challenging the evil people who post about murdering Jews.
    And Allah is G-D and G-D stands with Israel.
    He mourns for the children of Hamas who have done no wrong, but whose parents put them in harms way.
    I mourn for your children, Hamas.
    Because evil from you have destroyed them

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  39. Gary Gien says:

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  40. no little one … we are not terrorists . we only want peace , and it is our prayer that all people live to be old & full of years , that we could all work , & play , & build together , may you truly find out the truth , may you be blessed , because you are also a child who will be in the presence of The KING of Yisrael

  41. Cheryl McCoy says:

    @ Donna Hambright Glatt speak for yourself you dot speak for Americans or American Jews we can all speak for ourselves thank you very much. Shalom

  42. Scott Soffen says:

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  46. As you can see by the picture, just another kid brainwashed, used, and abused by the power of the anti Israel insanity..

  47. Cheryl, you need to ,keep up, with the news, there have been protesting in the USA of Jews only.. this site even reported that poll..you dont speak of all, Americans or Jews either..

  48. Ali Haider says:

    Trash of Europe and illegal babies having many fathers each gather in holy land to plead this….
    Now Jews are not Semitics as Arabs and they rejected when they killed righteous prophets and Jerusalem burnt in 60A.D

  49. Attila Czako says:

    like muslims, arabs, palaestinians…

  50. Get them all out from Israel! Israel belongs only to Jew my brothers and sisters!

  51. Ali Haider says:

    Hamas = freedom warriors
    Israel = invaders and terrorists

  52. Is that a boy or girl they look so sad.

  53. And I will speak for myself, it was horrible to see children killed, heads blown off, parents crying over their dead..Israel mourned over three teenagers, one an American,, are these innocent blood of so many children killed in Palestine, no matter whose fault? even in UN facility, the last one that notified 17 times to the IDF their position that many were just killed, jusified ?? Someone needs to come up with a better way,,,

  54. And I will speak for myself, it was horrible to see children killed, heads blown off, parents crying over their dead..Israel mourned over three teenagers, one an American,, are these innocent blood of so many children killed in Palestine, no matter whose fault? even in UN facility, the last one that notified 17 times to the IDF their position that many were just killed, jusified ?? Someone needs to come up with a better way,,,

  55. Daisy Villa says:

    God bless and protect Israel and the IDF and IAF !!!! Prayers!!!

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