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Iran officials meet with G 5+1 officials in Geneva. Weapons to Gaza will not derail the talks.

The State Department has yet to announce the cessation of negotiations with Iran over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear weapons program, despite an announcement by Tehran that the Ayatollahs supply terrorists in Gaza with weapons and ammunition free of charge.

Speaking to the French weekend paper Le Journal de Dimanche, Sheikh Hussein Alsalam, a senior advisor to the speaker of the Iranian parliament, admitted supplying the weapons to Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza. At the same time, Israel Radio reported that Alsalam also acknowledged that the presence of rival armed militias is the greatest danger to Gaza.


The Iranian admission comes just a week after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accused America of selling weapons to Israel in order  “to attack civilians in Gaza.”

“We know that all the weapons that are used by Israel in order to attack civilians in Gaza have been provided by the United States,” Zarif told NBC’S Meet that Press.

Zarif refused to condemn Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, saying, “We do not condemn people who are defending themselves.” He also refused to indicate exactly what Hamas is “defending” itself from, or to acknowledge the fact that Hamas would have no reason to fear Israeli attack if there terror attacks did not emanate from Hamas-ruled territory in Gaza.



  1. Iran should and will be the next target as they are not only the main sponsor of terror -they are also planning and executing a nuclear program that will threaten the whole World. thank you.

  2. Iran has too many weapons in stock and he has been giving it out to Hamas but now it has come to open. Hope someone stops them as so many PA will be massacred too. They think this is the right time to wipe out Israel. They are wrong! God, Almighty God, Jehovah is in control! He will protect them as He has promised.

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