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January 29, 2015 / 9 Shevat, 5775
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Hamas Rockets Hit PA Controlled Bethlehem and Hebron, Oops


Yesterday, one of our bloggers, Jameel@Muqata, asked the not so rhetorical question… should the IDF intercept a Hamas rocket that is going to their own citizens in Palestinian Authority controlled areas.

This evening, on Shabbat, at 6:57pm, multiple rockets were launched at the Gush Etzion area.

The IDF confirms that two Hamas rockets hit inside Palestinian Authority controlled cities.

One Hamas rocket hit in Bethlehem, the other in Hebron.

Hebron is a Hamas stronghold in Judea.

No reports yet if Abbas will file a complaint with the UN.

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59 Responses to “Hamas Rockets Hit PA Controlled Bethlehem and Hebron, Oops”

  1. Gary Berry says:

    I love the people in Bethlehem and Hebron but they need to tell HAMAS TO STOP.

  2. the “Palestinians” should be outraged by their leaders actions!! what is wrong with these people??? stand up and build your people up, build real schools, hospitals, take care of your people!! stop using your own people!! why arnt Arabs outraged at the way that Hamas treats, abuses and uses it own people?? it is disgusting!!!! stop firing rockets!! use the money to build your people up!!! WTH???

  3. INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Y is Netanyahu delaying ground incursion? These terrorist hamas have to be crushed to pulp…

  6. Wasn’t Hebron given to Caleb? Before that occupied by the Raphaim.

  7. Simon Holm says:

    Hahahaha, there you go abbas you evil lier

  8. Shmuel Lauer says:

    Apparently they are now conceding that these are NOT holy sites to them…..

  9. Gary Berry says:

    I don’t think they care actually. They want destruction and control and it is not even about Islam but about greed, power, control, hate and on the list goes….

  10. Not tootin horns and passing out candy now?… Salute..

  11. Boohoo poor Palestinians.

  12. They don’t like it, they should unite with Israel against Hammas! Hammas are the real terrorists!!

  13. Karma is soooo sweet!!!

  14. David Elliot says:

    Abbas ,Hamass ,Hezbollah Lousy Ayatollahs are all the same **** like Hitler was.

  15. I wonder if Abbas will blame Israel for rockets fired from the government that partnered with.. And there are many Christians and good Arabs living in Bethlehem. It is NOT karma for the innocent people living there that want nothing t,o do with Gaza or Hamas..

  16. Tracy Ramsey says:

    If my neighbor is shooting at my house with a .22, it’s just his bitch ass luck if I choose to fire back with a shot gun or a .50 cal. Don’t start ****, there wouldn’t be ****.

  17. Tracy Ramsey says:

    If my neighbor is shooting at my house with a .22, it’s just his bitch ass luck if I choose to fire back with a shot gun or a .50 cal. Don’t start ****, there wouldn’t be ****.

  18. Are they considered martyrs for Allah and does it qualify any hurt for “heaven”?

  19. Are they considered martyrs for Allah and does it qualify any hurt for “heaven”?

  20. Tracy Ramsey says:

    If my neighbor is idiotic enough to start firing a .22 at my house, then he shouldn’t bitch if I return fire with a shot gun or even a .50 cal. Was England worry about a “proportional response” when they firebombed Dresden? Was America worried about the 100,000+ Japanese civilians it burned to death in Tokyo? And let’s not even go into how many examples of British and American genocidal occupations have occurred over the years. There are now MORE so called “Palestinians” counted in the world than can be explained by any statistical accounting for births to the original refugees from 1948. If Israel is engaging in “genocide”, they’re doing a piss poor job of it.
    Now, as for the murder of the young Palestinian, nearly every Israeli and Jew around the world condemned the murder in no uncertain terms. Several arrests have been made. What have the Palestinian authorities done to even INVESTIGATE the murder of the three Israelis?
    All Hamas has to do is stop firing rockets into Israel. It’s as simple as that. You can excuse it as “resistance”, but in truth, it’s simply a futile and stupid act of suicide. If they’re seeking to gain an independent Palestinian State, they’d be better served to find a different tactic, because the violence and temper tantrums aren’t working. Personally, I’d suggest trying to do things like using the billions they get every year to build up their society, instead of focusing on weapons of war. Books, schools, hospitals and factories will go much further in freeing them than all the bombs and bullets in the world.

  21. Wait until the Dome is hit. Can’t wait to hear Abbass’ explanation.

  22. Ha ha ha ….Go IDF, you are in our daily prayers. G-D bless Israel on a daily basis.

  23. Told them they would back fire,the confusion will self destruct and boomerang back into the enemy’s camp

  24. Abbas needs to shut up.he is nothing but a terrorist like Hamas, Hamas started it Israel needs to finish it once and 4 all.

  25. Marcel Murad says:

    Ammad you must be one of them. Poor guy

  26. Marcel Murad says:

    Ammad you must be one of them. Poor guy

  27. Marcel Murad says:

    You said it brother. This time we will finish the job. No more ass Hamas

  28. Payback is a bit-h, isn’t it, Abbas? TF bad!

  29. Well did you expect anything different from HAM ASS

  30. Well did you expect anything different from HAM ASS

  31. Troy Hogan says:

    Hamas bunch of cowards hiding among children kill them all everything that moves boooom there children only grow up to be bombers anyway

  32. Oh, brother. But it wouldn’t
    be a surprise.


  34. Ira Abramson says:

    The dumb ****s can’t even NOT kill each other effectively.

  35. They are so defiant, and stupid enough, :) they probably will blame Israel for their stupidity. IDIOTS.

  36. Praying they hit Al Aqsa.

  37. Diane Hudson says:

    The Palestinians kill their own

  38. Hamas should be treated to jail by the people in Bethlehem and Hebron. They are the murders of innocent Palestinians.i cannot believe how stupid Hamas is.

  39. Actually I hope and pray that HaShem takes several of those rocket and completely destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque to the point not even a flake of gold remains!!!

  40. poetic justice I say

  41. Lani Lowell says:

    Keep it up Hamas, next hit on the Temple Mount would be a good one!

  42. They have been brained washed since birth. They will regret merging with Hamas when they take over Palestine. They are fools and get what they deserve. Push on Israel God Bless You.

  43. Miriam Riley says:

    There shouldn’t be a need to file a complaint with the UN, the UN should be able to file its own complaints. The power is available to go in and rescue the people from Hamus (or how ever thats spelled) then have all of the hamus stand trial and rather than being martyred they will be shamed as criminals.

  44. I say let let them destroy themselves.

  45. Hamas drop a big bomb on al-Aqsa Mosque!

  46. Hamas drop a big bomb on al-Aqsa Mosque!

  47. I support Israel all the way.

  48. Why should ‘Palestinian’ Muslim Arabs be outraged? After all, Hamas is fighting their war against the Jewish State of Israel!

  49. Why should ‘Palestinian’ Muslim Arabs be outraged? After all, Hamas is fighting their war against the Jewish State of Israel!

  50. Why should ‘Palestinian’ Muslim Arabs be outraged? After all, Hamas is fighting their war against the Jewish State of Israel!

  51. Rick Lutes says:

    They keep shooting at Jerusalem they are bound to hit something by accident.
    Or is Hamas shooting at Ramallah on purpose?

  52. Pete Dinglas says:

    **** the beasts!

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