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An Islamic Jihadist in Gaza, eliminated by a rocket from an Israeli aircraft.

Thousands of Israeli combat soldiers are waiting for a green light from the Netanyahu government to cross into the Hamas hornet’s nest in Gaza nest to deliver a follow-up wallop to the aerial strikes to defend Israel from what could rightly be called Hamas’ “Operation Death Wish.”

Israel’s “Protective Edge” counter-terrorist campaign has followed the Pillar of Cloud and Operation Cast Lead battles five and two years ago, respectively.


As usual, Hamas is begging for international pressure and has been caught by the BBC posting pictures of dead children, victims of terror – except that many of the pictures are of victims of wars in Iraq and Syria or from Israeli maneuvers several years ago.

The Israel Air Force’s pinpoint bombings have destroyed hundreds if not thousands of rockets, and Hamas has wasted hundreds of missiles and rockets in its stockpile that is estimated at approximately 10,000.

“Gaza is slowly sinking to its doom,” IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said Friday, Hamas leaders “in Gaza are understanding that they’ve made a big mistake. In four days we’ve been intelligently using our offensive means while remembering that there are civilians there that Hamas has turned into hostages.”

Hamas insistence on wildly continuing to attack Israel, as far north as Haifa, with more than 100 rockets and missiles a day, in the hopes of striking “luck” with an explosion in a crowded mall, school or residential area shows how desperate it is for a “success.’

The terrorist organization announced on Friday that a missile intercepted in central Israel was aimed at Ben Gurion Airport, where at least one incoming plane from Poland turned back after air controllers told the pilot to remain in the air for an undetermined amount of time because of the danger of flying missiles.

The international condemnation of Israel for defending its citizens, Arab and Israeli, by killing terrorists and civilians who intentionally shield them, is beginning to mount just when Hamas need it most. The United Nations on Friday suggested that the IDF’s bombings homes of senior Hamas terrorist commanders might even be a war crime since “civilians” also are hit, even though the Israeli military gave them plenty of warning to evacuate.

“In case of doubt, buildings that are ordinarily used for civilian purposes, such as homes, are presumed not to be legitimate military targets,” said U.N. Ravina Shamdasani. “Even when a home is identified as being used for military purposes, any attack must be proportionate, offer a definite military advantage in the prevailing circumstances at the time, and precautions must be taken to protect civilians.”

It is not clear what she meant by “proportionate.” Does Israel have to make sure its aerial attacks land in open area when Hamas missiles explode in non-populated areas? Does the IDF have to bomb a gas station and make sure that only one person is seriously wounded to be “proportionate” to the Hamas missile that exploded at a gas station in Ashdod on Friday?

Or perhaps the Air Force should attack a parking lot that is smack in between apartment building such as in Ashdod, where mass casualties would have resulted had a Hamas Grad missile landed a few feet farther in either direction.

International pressure against Israel is far from what it was several days after Cast Lead and Pillar of Cloud, but it is slowly on the way although Hamas is suffering from the long belated understanding by most of the Western world at large that it does not have moral leg to stand on.

Hamas has suffered serious losses – a depleted missile stockpile, bombed terrorist infrastructure and the elimination of dozens of senior terrorist commanders. It also has cost Mahmoud Abbas’ some legitimacy as Palestinian Authority chairman because of his initial inability to stop Hamas attacks and his subsequent enthusiasm for terror, having stated this week, “One God, one homeland, one enemy, one goal” and that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorists are “brothers in arms.”

He predicted on Friday that an Israeli ground incursion is only hours away.

So long as the IAF can do the job, Israel has found no reason to endanger the lives of soldiers be sending them into Gaza, where Hamas has copied Hezbollah tactics and has prepared hundreds of tunnel, many of them underneath homes, to kidnap Israeli soldiers.

Chief of Staff Gantz said Friday, “Nothing is stopping us from moving forward. The IDF is not waiting for the last straw to go on a ground offensive; it’s waiting on political instruction.” That means he thinks Israel has enough intelligence, and has bombed out enough of the terrorist infrastructure, to keep casualties to a minimum it enters Gaza,

If combat troops enter, they will not leave unless Hamas raises the white flag or is decimated.

Hamas attacked Israel out of weakness. Elliott Abrams, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, wrote on the Council on Foreign Relations website that lack of Iranian support for Hamas and the new Egyptian government’s disdain for the terrorist regime have left Gaza residents victims on a corrupt regime that has brought them nothing but misery.

Before the latest attacks in Operation Death Wish, Hamas faced challenges from other terrorists who did not like the idea of standing by with weapons and not including them, Abrams noted.

The missile strikes have brought Hamas a bit more attention from the Arab world but far less than it expected.

“Hamas may have reached the conclusion that it must soon…agree to a truce, but be unwilling to stop until it can point to some ‘achievement’ like hitting a major tower in downtown Tel Aviv or killing a large group of Israelis,” Abrams wrote.

So far, Hamas’s rekindling of the war with Israel can clearly be called “Operation Death Wish.”


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. I worry that there is something not seen. Why would Hamas commit suicide? I wonder if they are not goading Israel’s invasion because they have big “surprises” for them and there will be many Israeli deaths. I pray for peace and no more deaths.

  2. – Look no further than the political protrusion of world powers (in particular the US) to explain any military ineptness within Israel. While acknowledging Israel’s right to exist, American interests insist on tying Israel’s hands (or at least one behind the back) in her need for expansion and defense, and the highly pressurized ‘peace’ initiative is the primary vehicle by which that intrusion is asserted.

    Biblical prophecy reveals that there is coming a leader that will put forth a miraculous plan for world peace, and it is clear to see that even now the world is readying itself to receive him. He is the beast, the anti-christ, who once he has completely deceived the world into following him, will turn and reek destruction on all who will not bow down to him as god. And Israel, even now you are coming under his spirit, and falling head long into his plan.

    Wake up, you who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Adonai is not sparing the land and people of Israel for their sake, but for His holy name’s sake, and for a chosen remnant to go into his millennial kingdom at his return.

    Wake up, O remnant of Israel, and know that your time is close at hand.

    JOEL 2

  3. Israel is diplomatic and endeavouring to appease the world by not securing Palestine. If you go back to the year 2000, Israel offered to let Palestine become a nation, and all Palestine had to do was recognize Israel as a nation. Palestine rejected the offer of free land and independence.

  4. The Muslims are the cowards they fire rockets into Israel and expect Israel just to do nothing. They are so cowardly they hide their faces behind masks and use women and children as shields. They forget it is Israel who privides food water and electricity to them and even heals their people in their hospitals the Muslims are an ungrateful pack of pigs

  5. I am a human being and I stand strong for Israel they are Gods children it is the land God gave them through Moses it is the Palestinians who are the intruders it is not their land they should go back to which ever Arab country they came from and leave Israel in peace.

  6. Ugur barcin must be brain dead.
    it’s the Palestinians who kill the children. They train children at early age to kill, there is no honor in them,and they kill children atearly age. repent saith the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

  7. I see all these Anti-Semitic remarks. You know what, we will crush Hamas.
    The Israelis are very bright and we outsmart Hamas once again.
    You uneducated Anti-Semitic people, go crawl back under a crack or in a cave.
    The world does not need stupid remarks like yours.
    It would take too much work on your part to educate your children, built roads and make peace.
    We will as Jews continue to strive and thrive.
    You will rot in hell.

  8. I see all these Anti-Semitic remarks. You know what, we will crush Hamas.
    The Israelis are very bright and we outsmart Hamas once again.
    You uneducated Anti-Semitic people, go crawl back under a crack or in a cave.
    The world does not need stupid remarks like yours.
    It would take too much work on your part to educate your children, built roads and make peace.
    We will as Jews continue to strive and thrive.
    You will rot in hell.

  9. Israel is going to survive this latest crisis caused by people who don’t care about their own children.
    Well, I care about your children.
    And if you want to destroy yourselves, fine. But have people from all over the world adopt all the children in Gaza. Other people will care and love these children. They will be educated and loved and protected from people like you who want to strap bombs onto their tiny chests and let them die.
    G-D is not with peopke who abuse their own children.

  10. please be careful.. HAMAS are waiting for you :

  11. Respectfully ms Zhang, the people of Israel and Jews all across the world do not condone violence. But. If a person is attacking you it is permissible to strike first. If the Muslims would put down their weapons there would be no more war. If the Jews would put down their weapons there would be no more Jews. Go visit Israel. Go drink a latte in the park and watch a peaceful day get foiled with a rocket flying past your head. And when the coroner comes to pick up the body parts of that guy who was just walking his dog past you. Remember how it feels to criticize people about carnage who have no will for war. If these idiot terrorists would Leave Israel alone. There would be No more war. REALLY KINDA SIMPLE. (Please note that instead of potentially embarrassing you by posting publicly, I was respectful of you and posted privately to your post.) we are a sensitive people. We’re just being targeted.

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