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August 28, 2015 / 13 Elul, 5775
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Hordes of Nazis Visiting the Jewish Press, Get Out the Good Kristall

I'm sure many of them are not even remotely related to any Nazi group, but when there's a wave happening, it tends to obscure the subtle.
Who the heck cares if some gentile denies that our millions of brothers and sisters were murdered in the Holocaust? Why should their opinion matter?

Who the heck cares if some gentile denies that our millions of brothers and sisters were murdered in the Holocaust? Why should their opinion matter?
Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

But the Nazis – for the Nazis we always have a warm spot in our hearts. So Steve allowed a few to sneak through – which the ubermenchen on their forums couldn’t believe, incidentally.

Still, the Nazi Dane person was inhabiting the same universe of ideas as we do, albeit the extremely faraway corner of it. Jason Vega, on the other hand, was pure alien:

“There were over 135,000 Jews who served in Hitler’s army and in the ‘death camps.’ HITLER was a JEW. According to new DNA studies Jews aren’t even Semites. They are azhkaNAZI from the Balkans. You can’t regulate lies like your Talmud says its ok to do. WE SEE YOU!”

It’s like getting a full hour of David Duke condensed into a very painful 30 seconds. Ouch…

Chris Sky, Toronto, Ontario, made this point:

“Over 12 million people died in Russia alone… but ‘6 million Jews’ (if you believe that ridiculous number) was obviously leaps and bounds more important than the other tens of millions killed during WW2.”

OK, mood change, I’ll be serious for a moment: Dear Chris Sky, never mind your assertion that 12 million dying in Russia is a well checked number, but 6 million Jews is ridiculous – I don’t really care what you think. However, there is a fundamental difference between the death of all the victims of all the wars ever, and the six million of my nation who perished between 1939-45.

All the other victims were killed in war. My people were executed by a massive, state-run operation, meticulously planned by a well staffed committee, with funds and resources allocated, inter-governmental memos exchanged, thousands of initial assembly areas established in ghettos, regular collection actions carried out with brutality and dedication, and the product: Jews of all ages, shipped to a well designed industrial murder state named General Government, encompassing hundreds of labor and death camps.

Nothing in human history has ever reached this level of Satanic precision. Not the dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan, not the firebombing of Dresden, not the bombing of North Vietnam and Cambodia, not anything, anything in reality.

It is this spectacular precision of the evil Nazi machine which now sweeps anyone who denies it, swallowing him up into a black hole of evil where details don’t matter, and subtleties are, by definition, grotesque. It is the unimaginable application of 500 years of human discoveries and inventions, from Marco polo to Edison, to the orderly elimination of an entire race which continues to horrify any person of conscience, and immediately places anyone who in any way denies it in partnership with Satan himself.

Now, that wasn’t so hard to understand, was it, Chris Sky?

Finally, the abortion folks. Whenever we run a piece on the Holocaust, we inevitable get this kind of comment, in this case by Baldino Bingg from Terry Parker High (I’m pretty sure it’s a made up name – whoever heard of Terry Parker high?):

“Notable absence of a Holocaust museum for the hundreds of millions of aborted babies and the ongoing geNOcide of the white race. Wonder why?”

See, that’s a common combination of white supremacist bigotry with the anti-abortion crazy propaganda, and I think those two really fit well together.

To the point, I’m sure some nut has already put together a holocaust museum for fetuses. Google it. But regarding equating abortion with genocide – not on this Jewish website. Jewish law may frown on needless abortions, but nowhere does it equate it with murder, and in every case, up to the moment of delivery, it prefers the life of the mother over the life of her fetus.

But the white race comment is an interesting clue as to where those folks come from.

Finally, Diana Kirkpatrick of Fayetteville, North Carolina, wrote:

“I personally know Holocaust survivors who lost most of their families who were burned to ashes in these camps. Including some members of my own family. How can anyone dare say that the Holocaust never happened?”

Dear Diana – I have no idea.

About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth, JCN18.com, USAJewish.com, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

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20 Responses to “Hordes of Nazis Visiting the Jewish Press, Get Out the Good Kristall”

  1. George King Junior says:

    Boy, for the twelve million left us we must have some unhidden power. It must be part of our hidden agenda with Hello Kitty!!!

  2. Dan Silagi says:

    Given the absolute fact that over 4 million non-Jews — homosexuals, gypsys, those considered mentally retarted, Communists, and many others who simply disagreed with Hitler were murdered in the same death camps at the same time and by the same Zyklon-B, bullets, carbon monoxide, and disease that Hitler used to kill the Jews with it's an outrageous canard on your part to say the Holocaust was only a "Jewish" issue.

    Your next couple of sentences belie your true bigotry. "Who cares if some gentile denies your grandfather was murdered?" Well plenty of them care that 6 million Jews were murdered, and that over 4 million others were too.

    The fact is that holocausts are far from unique. Let's start with the 30 million Stalin murdered, and continue with the 50 million slaughtered by Chairman Mao. More recently, there's been Pol Pot and the Hutus killing the Tutsis, the list goes on…

  3. Larry H. Gentry says:

    A great number of people are foolish, misinformed, racist, and devoid of logical and critical thinking. Obama was elected…then re-elected. Proof. May God bless Israel and keep her safe.

  4. emmapeel says:

    reply to mr. gentry — thank you for that. blessings to you. i recall a peanut farmer that happened with, as well.

  5. Edward Lobel says:

    the only thing you prove is that you are a racist and not the smartest person

  6. The whole of Jonna Larsen’s tirade of a more or less mysterious Jewish conspiracy against civilization sounds familiar. It’s heard before. It’s true Nazi babble.
    One can point out that some sad irony is in the fact that Nazi-occupied Europe sought to exterminate all of the European Jewry (approximated eleven million), because of a delusive concept of perceived danger.
    The irony is that today the European countries have allowed hordes of non-integrative people from the Middle East into Europe to benefit from the generous social welfare systems without prospect to work for their living. Furthermore these Muslim immigrants have just contempt for their host’s culture.
    Now Europe gets what it feared 70-80 years ago. The fear back then was delusive and sheer paranoia. To day it’s a living nightmare. European culture will be overruled by sharia law and semi-Christians will be reduced to dhimmi status in a dominant Islamic Europe.
    This fate is not due to The Russian Federation. They know the Muslims through several hundreds of years of co-existence – or something like it.

  7. Leslie Green says:

    Edward Lobel you have no idea at all about what a racist is. Your accusation is baseless and downright ignorant.

  8. Sadly, that's about the truth.

  9. Dan, your point escapes me. Yori simply points out that the Nazi ideals are still alive with ignorant people…. and that there is probably no way to educate those brainwashed by their parents or society…You know, like the Balestinians

  10. Sounds like the re-hash ofd the protocols of the Elders of Zion dribble again! especial of this is the Mutilation of infants. I am such she is speak of the ritual ob Bris Malach ,our male entering into the Covent of our 8th. day of life. of course they always attack this first.. Russia was always the most strict about this , under death sentences if we did. Well, we did! For we are faithful to Hashem.

  11. Mr. Silagi, the reason the Jewish Shoah is the most important part of the Nazi killing enterprise is because Nazi Germany established itself on the basis of eliminating Jews from Germany. Please read all the Hitler speeches. Then count how many anti-Jewish ones there are, how many anti-Roma ones there are, & how many anti-disabled speeches there are. You will soon get the idea. Now the other killings are vital for the information they provide. It was because the disabled were killed, specifically gassed to death, that the mass killing of Jews became quite facile after Barbarossa began. The Roma were chosen after Nazi "science" revealed they suffered from genetically induced homelessness, petty theft, & prostitution (not true, but that's what the cause was said to be). Who kills prostitutes? Jack the Rippers, that's who. O Porrajmos shows that, at their best, the Nazi's were a bunch of worthless, scummy fiends, the kind who murder homeless victims to "clean up the neighborhood." Stalin never killed on a genetic basis. The "Holodomar" was known to be a fraud back in the 1930's. Just read Douglas Tottle's famed book if you doubt that. Stalin never set up factories of death; neither did he gather together thousands of CIVILIANS & shoot them dead in a single day on a regular basis.

  12. Ross Yerkes says:

    World wide anti-Semitism is proof that the Bible is true. In Moses day God told the Jews that if they turned their backs on him they would be cursed. And for the most part that is what they have done. (Deut, 28 Jewish Bible). In Jesus day, when Pontius Pilate told the Jews that they were responsible for putting Jesus to death, they called a curse on themselves when they cried: "Let his blood come upon us and our children !" (Matthew 27 New Testament). AND SO IT HAS !

  13. Regarding the photo, why would anyone bother to tattoo someone with a number when that someone was headed to a gas chamber? I rest my case.

  14. Szepno j says:

    No mystery here, the one by the name of Silaghy is nothing less or more a Hungarian anti Semite, they were even worse than Germans, followed by the Lithuanians and poles. An ignorant peasant type, who wanted “research Semitic people” and ends up with Ashkenazis being Balkans, duhh yea, there are Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews both Semitic tribes!

  15. Rachel Lamb says:

    Dear AJ Mac Donald,
    I suggest that you would complete more research on this subject. Not everyone's destination was to the ovens. If you do not have time to read up on the subject, I can suggest many fine documentaries of which you could educate yourself .

  16. Rachel Lamb says:

    I suggest that you would complete more research on this subject.

  17. Dan Silagi says:

    Yeah, Stalin was really a great guy, as was Chairman Mao. And, after the war, when the Russians slaughtered everyone in Poland and Czechoslovakia with a German name, they were justified in doing so. They were no better than Hitler. Not a bit. And if the gulags weren't factories of death, just what were they? Places where they worked you to death? The Nazi concentration camps were too.

  18. Al Law says:

    Obama was re-elected through a tiny less-than-2-percent "majority". Putting that aside, what about the constant incoming stream of "new Obama voters" being shipped into the US, hidden and masked from the public eye. No. No need to answer. I can smell a greedy, treacherous fox from miles.

  19. Edward Lobel says:

    Leslie Green – Sorry you are so ill informed and ignorant about what a racist is and Larry H. Gentry believes in what he is saying and what he clearly indicates is that people who voted for him are not too smart and only he is and that my friend is a statement rife with racism!

  20. Edward Lobel says:

    Al Law Do you practice being stupid or were you born that way! First President Obama was reelected by a landslide! He won the popular vote by well over 5,000,000 million votes! and crushed willard by getting over 50% more in the electoral college! No matter what you say or what you think, you are wrong!

    You certainly are foolish to believe that there was any voter fraud and that massive amounts of illegal voters were allowed to vate! There is no basis in truth to that thinking and you certainly cannot prove it! If you think your are right and you can smell a "rat" I strongly suggest you see a ENT about your problem with your nose as it is not functioning correctly!

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