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December 5, 2016 / 5 Kislev, 5777
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IDF Retaliates for Overnight Gaza Rocket Attacks

The IAF, Israeli Navy and tank artillery combined forces to attack terror targets in Gaza overnight.

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Israeli F-16 fighter jet.

Israeli F-16 fighter jet.
Photo Credit: Ofer Zidon / Flash 90

Israeli fighter pilots were busy late Monday night, flying sorties over Gaza to retaliate for Hamas terror attacks and repeated rocket fire aimed at southern Israel.

Gaza terrorists launched at least six rocket attacks at Israeli civilian communities overnight, sending families racing for their shelters and safe rooms nearly every hour from midnight to 3:30 am.

Missile fire was aimed at the coastal city of Ashkelon, and Qassam rockets were launched at the nearby Sdnot Negev and Eshkol Regional Council districts. Rockets fell in open fields, where no property damage was reported.

Several other rockets exploded near a packaging factory and a number of vehicles, causing damage, according to local reports. In addition at least one person was treated for trauma; several other residents suffered anxiety attacks as well.

The Israel Air Force immediately retaliated, striking rocket launcher sites and other terrorist targets in central and southern Gaza.

More than 30 terror targets were destroyed within a few minutes’ time, according to local Gaza sources, who said the air strikes “caused many explosions” especially in the southern area of the region.

In addition to the air force, Israeli Navy personnel and tank artillery participated in the attack, the sources said. Local medical workers reported that four people were wounded and one was missing in the town of Khan Yunis, a hotbed of terrorism and one of the sites where air strikes were carried out.

Hana Levi Julian

About the Author: Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for Babble.com, Chabad.org and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.

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  2. The ratio should be 300 for 1, then maybe they will get it.

  3. Bad day to play with Israel

  4. Wipe them off the face of the earth and take back Gaza


  6. Israel needs to level the playing field literally. Hamas!

  7. What is wrong with IDF send in a 1000 bombs



  10. Delta Kilo says:

    High time IAF must acquire few squadrons of B1/2 in their inventory.

  11. Delta Kilo says:

    High time IAF must acquire few squadrons of B1/2 in their inventory.


  13. Lower your meds you are delusional lol

  14. GAZA is yours….Never listen to politicans in America again….Reclaim your rightful deed.

  15. GAZA is yours….Never listen to politicans in America again….Reclaim your rightful deed.

  16. GAZA is yours….Never listen to politicans in America again….Reclaim your rightful deed.

  17. Hamza droid your delusional

  18. Anna Cammett says:

    Hope you are not hiding in USA, !!

  19. Howard Zemel says:

    Keep it up! Time to push the Palestinians from the west bank in to Jordan & the Palestinians from Gaza in to Egypt. Secure the borders & protect Israeli citizens. It’s enough playing nice to satisfy other nations

  20. Kill the son of a bitches, make them pay for killing those 3 kids.

  21. Anthony Todd says:

    And the world condemns Israel for defending itself in….3……2…..1

  22. go get ‘tm, Tzahal!

  23. Alice Hill says:

    You have to do what you need to do to keep safe! I live in TX , and am so sorry for the way our government has treated you!

  24. Please God watch over Israel YOUR Chosen people

  25. Solomon Twom says:

    May all Irael enemies b wiped off.May God’s pple find His victory in all stuations.God bless Israel.

  26. Helen Tibus says:

    May God wifes off all those bad people on earth , attacking the Holy Land of God.

  27. Helen Tibus says:

    Bless your chosen people oh God and be with them all the time, protect them and covers your protection from time to time.

  28. Sara Piperno says:

    Very good job! Too little reaction regarding they deserve, we all are expecting they finish them all. Am Israel Hai

  29. Absolutely, take Gaza back, and put Israelis #1. Don’t worry about using too much force. There is absolutely no moral equivalence between Israel and those Palestinian Hamas animals. If they can’t live in peace and coexist with others (and dammit they have had enough chances), then it is time to treat them the way they treat us. Enough is Enough! “Better a terrible end than terror without end” (Golda Meir).

  30. Amos Njau says:

    GOD bless your people,Amen.


  32. Mark Grant says:

    G-d created us. We serve only one G-d, and there is only one religion to protect – that of the creator G-d. It is this same G-d that said in His Word that the land is Israel’s, He will remove all of her enemies, he will vindicate all animosity against her, just look at the turmoil in the lands supporting the terrorist actions, each and every one is being racked by the very same terrorism only magnified to the power of 10 and that against their own people!! When will they realize these acts cannot and will not go unseen and unpunished?

  33. do it more…teach them again..

  34. Bull Doz Gaza to the ground and take it back forever.

  35. Israel doesn’t hit hard enough after Muslim terrorists attack.

  36. Bomb the Crap out of them. 🙁

  37. Go very ’em, Israel! And make ’em pay dearly for murdering the 3 teen Israelis as well!!!

  38. Israel is the ancestral home of the Jewish People. They have more of a right to live there than the Palestinians ever will.

  39. Michael Rapp says:

    You can’t dance with the DEVIL.

  40. Sun Kist says:

    Does the temple mount belongs to Israel , or, Does Israel belongs to the temple mount?

  41. Orly Meir says:

    Very sad here in Israel….

  42. Frank Winsor says:

    Dumb muzzies, they just DON’T learn…. 4 outgoing, 30 incoming!!!

  43. punish to them to maximum according to what they need.

  44. Israel must find the murders.

  45. Give Gaza a hell on earth!

  46. let the F16s do there job.

  47. Dale Schmidt says:

    “Baruch Hashem,” – “Blessed be God.” ?

  48. Filipe Silva says:

    I can’t understand why some people in Palestine still are using this violent tactics, killing innocent civilians. Logically, IDF can’t do anything different, as other committed Defense Forces, as Saudis, Russians or Egyptians

  49. Oren Zemach says:

    Its not one day, its been like this for years just now theve gone overboard…. Teach them a lesson once and for all

  50. Shame on them. God help your chosen people. .

  51. Ran Neu-Ner says:

    Not enough!!!!!

  52. No country can take this madness of Hamas without declaring war on the terrorist organization. I think Israel is afraid of invading and retaking Gaza.

  53. Madu Nkechi says:

    The world is sleeping, & will only talk when Israel retaliates. Israel should just them back n their own coin & careless what the rest of the world think. Even if Hamas succeeds in its attack against Israel, some will still condemn Israel, so why give a damn?
    Long live Israel!

  54. Sarah Susac says:

    Terrorists came and stole their children and hurt them…go Israel!

  55. Thank you for protecting my people in Israel, IDF! We need to find a way to eliminate the likes of MZ beasts over here!

  56. Jada L Parks says:

    Pray for the PEACE OF JERUSALEM.

  57. I don’t really understand why we are breeding these Hamas cockroaches (terrorists) in our prison and breeding them. The States budget is wasted on them. When we have cockroaches are home we do not breed them but kill them with flit. These Hamas monsters must not be breeded. Just kill them. Our Israeli soldiers arrest these terrorists and then the relatives of these terrorists kidnap our people and blackmail for release of these cockroaches. I plead instead of arresting these terrorist we must kill them coz these terrorists are not humans. I plead again.

  58. Dauda Akawu says:

    May God protect Israel from the hand of terrorists

  59. I wonder what the UK would do if rockets were fired on a daily base from Calais ? Yet Israel is criticised for retaliating against Hamas terrorists. Unbelievable.

  60. God bless Novorossia btw

  61. Ezrael….your dróne is ready soon…

  62. You mean kid that their own parents sent to commit murder by stoning cars?

  63. Ben Azran says:

    @maryam zidan first of all we’re not pigs you and your people are. You cowards use propaganda to aid your pathetic cause. Please provide me an example of the IDF taking a Palestinian kid and torturing please tell me. You people lie to make us look like monsters when in reality your the monsters. Your people butchered an entire family on a Friday night and your spineless “jihadists” stabbed a 4 MONTH OLD BABY TO DEATh. If you don’t believe me look up the Itamar attack SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

  64. Mo Gavzey says:

    4 little rockets that kill 0 , vs 30 highly destructive well aimed air strikes in densely populated areas… the maths dosn’t add up in your favour idf, not this time. As for blaming hamas on the kidnappings, you have no proof and they repeatedly denied it (hamas love taking responsibility when they commit terrorism) , for all you know it could have been a few rouge criminals.

  65. Hey maryam! hate breeds Hate! You are a perfect example of why this will never end . Long live the state of israel !

  66. Ben Azran says:

    News flash you pathetic excuse of a human you own a tiny piece of israel and we own and control the majority. It’s so unfortunate that god gave you a brain he could have easily given it to someone who really needed because you have the intelligence of a donkey.

  67. Ian Conger says:

    Pave it over & make a big parking lot.

  68. Chris Keyter says:

    Bless Israel Lord. The men and woman in uniform for there safety.

  69. Ben Azran says:

    Your just as spineless as some of your people you don’t even have the courage to respond to some of the replies which shows your just a follower a follower who just goes along with what your being told. At the end of the day your faceless coward just like those who blow themselves for their god. I really question if you jihadists worship god or satan I really do.

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