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August 25, 2016 / 21 Av, 5776
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Israeli Rebbes Against the Draft to Pitch their Tent in America

Rebbes and their flock at a rally outside a military prison south of Haifa, in solidarity with two Yeshiva students who were imprisoned for refusing to report to the IDF recruitment offices earlier this month. The notion that only non-Haredi Jews will get killed defending the Jewish State is repugnant. The idea that Israeli Haredi rabbis will go to the diaspora to say loshon hora against Israeli Jews is grotesque.

Rebbes and their flock at a rally outside a military prison south of Haifa, in solidarity with two Yeshiva students who were imprisoned for refusing to report to the IDF recruitment offices earlier this month. The notion that only non-Haredi Jews will get killed defending the Jewish State is repugnant. The idea that Israeli Haredi rabbis will go to the diaspora to say loshon hora against Israeli Jews is grotesque.
Photo Credit: Flash 90

A company in San Francisco specializing in producing large tents for large gatherings has already been contracted, according to JDN, to put together a tent large enough to hold 50 thousand, and heavy enough to stand up to the elements in the north east.

Local Haredi officials have been dealing with the police in the U.S., letting them in on the plan and coordinating with them the security arrangements for the event.

Meanwhile, chairman of the steering committee for the event, Bnei Brak Mayor Chanoch Zeibert has led a delegation to meet with the Skverer Rebbe, to invite him to speak at the historic gathering.

The historic gathering, mind you, will announce that only non-Haredi Jews should die in protecting the Jewish state, while tens of thousands of their Haredi brethren should continue to take their money through government welfare. Anything short of that would hence be considered an antisemitic attack on Jewish values.

The delegation also visited the Visnicher Rebbe in Monsey, NY, and other rebbes, all of whom have embraced the same idea: some Jews sit and learn, other Jews get killed.

The event will commence in Boro Park, where the Israeli rebbes will be met with their American counterparts, and greeted by thousands of yeshiva kids waving flags who will get a day off from their hectic Torah learning. These will certainly not be the Magen David and two blue stripes flags, if I know anything at all about our Haredi brethren.

The tent get together will take place in Edison, New jersey, according to JDN.

According to several sources in the Haredi media in Israel, the holy conference is not yet a done deal. Apparently, a lot of pressure is being applied on the Sephardi rebbes not to go. And not all the Israeli Ashkenazi rebbes are convinced this would be the best way to exact a reasonable deal from the Zionists, who will probably be fuming at the event—as I am now—and not in the best mood for negotiations.

Meanwhile, I saw a great comment by Chagai Hoberman, editor of the shul paper Matzav Haruach. This past Shabbat, Hoberman posted two images which he suggested the departing rebbes should contemplate on their way to attack the IDF and Zionism in America.

One is an image of some anonymous group of yeshiva guys, during their military training. They’re obviously Haredim, and they’re clearly very serious about their service.

Photo credit: Chagai Hoberman, Matzav haruach

Photo credit: Chagai Hoberman, Matzav haruach

The image below was shot by Hoberman’s late father, during his reserves service on the Golan Heights in the 1970s. It shows two buddies from the same reserves unit, one Haredi, the other non-religious.

Photo credit: Chagai Hoberman, Matzav haruach

Photo credit: Chagai Hoberman, Matzav haruach

“It’s a perfect depiction of achdut Israel—Jewish unity,” writes Hoberman.

You should know that in order for these two gentlemen to be serving in the same reserves unit, they have likely served together as enlisted men, three years, no special considerations to either.

If you ask me, each one of the rebbes who leave the Holy Land to the defiled diaspora only in order to speak loshon hora against Jews in Eretz Israel should be punished.

Either court, earthly or heavenly, will do.

Yori Yanover

About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth, JCN18.com, USAJewish.com, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

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56 Responses to “Israeli Rebbes Against the Draft to Pitch their Tent in America”

  1. John Newman says:

    This is poor behaviour. They should know better.

  2. Moishe Pupik says:

    It's all about turf. The rebbes want to keep control over their people, and the IDF and open Israeli society are a threat to them.

  3. Who cares. They are all lazy welfare bums that Jesus hated for their hypocritical behavior. Some Pharisees were good and followed Jesus.

  4. David Pitch says:

    Keep those cowards in Israel

  5. I only wish I could get payed for prayer. How in this day and age can these zealots believe they are entitled to the fruits of the labour of Israeli citizens without contributing anything? Remove benefits for those who refuse to defend their homeland.

  6. Judi Fradkin says:

    Too bad they are not righteous enough to be placed in the same sentence as my cousin major aryeh arzi zecher tzadik liver ah who was an Orthodox tank commander killed in the Yom Kippur war in the Sinai. Aryeh had a love for Torah, Israel and the Jewish people. These stinking parasites should just go away.

  7. They will add a refreshing element to our immigrants. Bet they will learn to speak English real fast.

  8. Gary Diamond says:

    Why would they learn English, they refuse to learn modern Hebrew, they want a free lunch, and even free protection. Earn your keep, or go to jail. A schande vor de goyim, (Yid., אַ שאַנדע פֿאַר די גוים) "A disgrace in front of the Gentiles"

  9. Anonymous says:

    If this is what it means to be 'religious' it is little wonder that so many actively reject Yahadut.
    Maybe once they are out of Israel they could be prevented from returning.

  10. Ronny Mol says:

    Remember their are 2 kinds of soldiers defending ERETZ YISROEL. the actual soldier and the Torah learner both requesting G-d 2 save AM YISROEL. You cannot have one without the other.

  11. you have it wrong – Haredim don't want Hilonim to die for the Zionist State – they don't want any Jew to die – it is Zionists who want to put Jewish lives in danger – we never wanted a State – we want Moshiach – the Gemara says Moshiach cannot come as long as the State continues to exist – we want peace – it is Zionists who are warmongers

  12. Diana Lopez says:

    Which Gemara if I may?
    2). Zionist or not Israel is a state under constant attack both zionists and non zionists R targeted, the refusal of an entire segment of the population that happens to B also the most "expensive" to upkeep and also needs protection, so they, on basis of a very selective form of anti Zionism when it suits them, demand to b serviced but refuse to take responsibility. That's like saying ur good enough to die in defense of our common safety, but I'm not…… U can see how this is unacceptable?

  13. Diana Lopez says:

    If u choose to live in a state that's under attack, and u think the attacks are warranted, go live in the palestinian authority and u won't need our protection, if u live in Israel, u can't expect us to protect u forever w/o doing ur dues

  14. Gary Diamond says:

    Warmongers….Who's shooting the missiles? Never again, 6 million died, do you want another 6 million to die? Be real!!!

  15. David Shlomowitz says:

    Diana Lopez you sit nice and comfortable in London, come live here and see if the IDF protects Jews! The government ties their hands and the only ones the IDF protects are Arabs. I drive through Gush Etzion daily and my car gets stoned by the savages, if I were to shoot one I would be the one going to jail, The IDF stands there like a bunch of Kuny Lemels and when we complain to them they says sorry those are their orders! Look at poor Lt. Colonel Sholom Eisner who got busted out of the IDF for defending himself against a Danish creep who broke Eisner's arm. So if you want to say US come live here like I do, nothing converts a leftist to a rightist faster than a bullet or a stone! Do NOT presume that other than in a war the IDF protects Jews, they harass Jews and evacuate Jews from Jewish land !

  16. David Shlomowitz says:

    all the hotshot warriors sitting at a computer screen are so fast to condemn Yeshiva bochrim, if you are so hot on the IDF why don't YOU come here and join Mr. Big Shot, it is so easy to sit in America and be a Monday morning quarterback.

  17. I was recently in Israel for the first time, a trip I had promised myself, 50 years in the making! It is amazing to see so many people, supposedly of one faith, being Jewish and being able to purchase "kosher" food anywhere. As long as these different factions, Jews to Jews, waring with one another continues, how do you possibly expect Shalom in "my country"? You make yourselves look bad to the Diaspora when you have this in-fighting going on with each other. I am from Canada, we have a border with the United States, we don't always agree politically, BUT we aren't killing each other and respect ones opinion for being different than ours. Please grow up !!! Settle your borders with the Palestinians and live in peace………………this is my wish and should be every ones!

  18. David Shlomowitz says:

    All of your Diaspora Jews sing a good song against Israeli citizens but don't have the guts to come live here. This week Rav Nir Ben Artzi said very soon you will have to run from the goyim, and your only refuge will be here in Israel, even if you run to another country the goyim will seek you out to kill you. So start packing your bags before you shoot your mouths off

  19. David Shlomowitz says:

    Oh and before all of you Monday morning quarterbacks start accusing me of not serving, I and my sons proudly served and get a better stipend that had we sat in Kollel, and we were not Jobniks like Lapid Olmert and Sarid, we did not come home each night to home cooking and a soft mattress or shoot arabs with the ink in our pens like they did. They served in Bamachane which was good to read in the latrine and to wipe with after!

  20. David, your response to my comment is not unexpected from someone of your ilk ! You take everything personally, like I was addressing you? How short sighted you are? I was simply commenting on my recent trip and my hopes for my homeland (which I don't live in) in regards to Shalom. If Israel could only be living in peace, the billions of dollars,(for the IDF) and lives that are being lost would be a thing of the past. WE should all want this to happen !!!!!
    P.S. while I was in Israel, part of my 3 weeks was spent volunteering with Sar El. I got a better picture of seeing Israel from the "inside out" rather than being "just a tourist".

  21. the idf defends jews and non-jews as far as the state allows them and they can. the onliest thing of which you could blame zahal is that it is the will less servant of a state which is based on non-jewish socialist atheist values and openly against Torah and judaism. but the soldiers in zahal are good jewish boys and girls who have been brought up by this european zionist style of state with all their lies against Torah and yaadut .they are not guilty that they where brainwashed by them. they have been victims since childhood of the lies the state has taught them at school and in society. one of the many reasons besides that it is forbidden to be a shliach for a wicked state that is openly against Torah is this upbringing and the hostility the zahal and these poor jewish kids show against religious jews that makes it impossible for religious jews to be in the army. sure there have been instituted some groups for religious jews but they are just for show.

  22. Diana Lopez says:

    David, R u saying that we should dismantle the military?

  23. Jeffrey says:

    This was one of your better written articles and I agree with most of it. I just want to make a small issue about the comments in the photograph of the two soldiers one with a goatee and one with peyos. Religious is to charge a word and you can’t judge a book by its cover. The soldier with the goatee may not be religious to your standards or mine, and it doesn’t benefit anybody other than advancing their own political agenda to classify people as Hilonim and Datiyyim

  24. don`t dismantle the military. overthrow the illegal zionist government with the help of the military !

  25. Aryeh Sax says:

    King David would be so proud…

  26. The Gemara says nothing of the sort. Pure fantasy. On the contrary: read the Kabbalah of the Gra's students, Rav Hillel and Rav Menahem Mendel of Shkolv and tell me then whether the Torah supports a Jewish state.

  27. you should read messechet ketuvot and then come back and talk

  28. Yisroel Feld says:

    Diana Lopez,,,that girl lives in a "Free Fire" zone and I'm liking it !!!

  29. is s/he really a girl, who knows. maybe it`s anne franck herself. buuu

  30. IsraelShield says:

    Rabbi Joseph Kolakowski I am always embarrassed when people like JOSEPH Kolakowski use the title Rabbi before their name while being obviously ignorant when it comes to both Jewish History as well as Torah.
    Before I begin to expose Joseph’s utter ignorance there are a couple of points I would like to make.
    First of all Mr. Joseph (no respect title deserved) does not represent the Torah observant community or the Ultra-Orthodox community and has absolutely nothing to do with the Chareidi community living in Eretz Yisrael.
    I have no hope or belief that Joseph will admit his faults although I will clearly explain just how deep his perversion of Torah goes but my comments are for the rest of you who might actually care what the Torah says.
    Mr. Kolakowski is either part of the Satmar Chassidic sect or worse off the Neturei karta group. In either case he has grossly misquoted and misrepresented Torah and deserves no level of trust. He is direct opposition to most Gedolim including Rabbis, shach, Auerbach, Eliashiv, Gur, Viznitz, Feinstein, Soloveichik not to mention Kook ad many others)

    Joseph said the Gemara states that as long as the State of Israel is around the Moshiach cannot come. Obviously the Gemara never mentions the State of Israel or any other part of Joseph’s self-hating opinions.

    What Joseph attempted to use was the Gemara from masechet Ketubotot 111a where a Midrash Agada (a non Halachic statement) in the name of Rabbi Yossi Bar Rabbi Chanina. The Gemara speaks about 3 oaths that God swore upon the nation of Israel and one on the nations of the world. One of those oaths was not to revolt against the world and rise up to Israel like a wall.
    Besides the fact that Rashi on the spot comments that it literally means one should not build the wall to go against the government in the land of Israel,

    I want to remind Joseph that the modern State of Israel was not built through revolt but rather by permission given by the nations of the world. While this would be enough for me to say goodnight I want to show just how ignorant Joseph and those who hold the same hating view are when it comes to Torah and Halacha.

    There is not a single Halachic source (including TUR, SHULCHAN ARUCH,RAMBAM, RAMBAN, RUSH and more) that hold the oaths a a halachic prohibition.
    Even when the Rambam mentions the oaths in his letter to Yemenite Jews who were under Islamic oppression he calls the oaths a MASHAL (a metaphor) and by no stretch of any imagination does he include it in his halachic rulings. The oaths are not mentioned in the Mishne Torah unlike the commandment to live in Israel and issur to live anywhere else.

    The second source Satmar and others like to use is the MAHARAL who wrote a book called Netazach Yisrael. In this publication the Maharal writes that one may not leave the place of exile even if the gentiles are beating you to death. The Maharal goes on to explain that this specific oath of not LEAVING is a sign of decrees Israel will face and not a halachic prohibition. The Maharal make absolutely NO MENTION of the oath of not to come to Israel.

    If one were to take the maharal’s writing literally and conclude that one may not leave an exile even if his life is in danger then the SATMAR REBBE himself was in gross violation of this. While the Satmar Rebbe prohibited his followers to have anything to do with the Zionists and urged his followers NOT to leave Europe, he himself escaped Hungary by hitching a ride on the Kastner train (A ZIONIST TRANSPORT AND RESCUE MISSION!) while his followers perished in his rulings.

    To make things even worse the Satmar Rebbe came to ISRAEL!

    The Third source the anti-Israel Jews like Joseph use is the Eitz Chayim. The Great Kabbalist Rabbi Chayim Vital mentions the oaths but CLEARLY states that these oaths are only for a thousand years (which is up) Satmar and others who make a practice out of misquoting and misrepresenting Torah have the audacity to claim that the sentence of a thousand years is a fraud.
    In other words, they understand perfectly well their claims have no basis but instead of admitting it and supporting the Jewish return to Zion they will erase sentences and quotes and make ridiculous statements like the Gemara says Moshiach won’t come as long as the State of Israel exists. Furthermore, groups like Neturei Karta will meet with leaders who have sworn to murder Jews.
    Like I said before, there is not a single Halachic source that states the oaths ( and specifically the one that speaks of coming to Israel) as a halachic prohibition.

    One more thing Joseph. Which one of your Rabbis allow you to be on the internet for pleasure?!

  31. If you are able but unwilling to fight for the country you live in, you should leave. God gives the victory according to his sovereign will but he uses your armies to accomplish that as he has throughout history. When the children of Israel arrived at the promised land they did not study Torah in order to possess that land. Those ultra religious guys seem to worship dead rabbis instead of the Living God. Strange costumes and weird hair cuts do not make anyone holy.

  32. how are the chances that the israeli state will remain existing like it is now when meshiach comes and the sanhedrin is established ? i`m already imagining Avraham ,yitzchak we-yaakov and moshe rabeinu ,the sanhedrin and all the gaonim we-tzaddikim standing by him standing there and theodor hertzel telling them : you have been out ruled by the majority , since the sin of many becomes a mitzvah. maybe we got eretz israel as a yerusha to bread pigs …… maye the satmarer rav was wrong and you right ?

  33. Moishe Pupik says:

    This is so much malarchy. Torah study is put aside for a mitzvah war, which includes a war of self defense.

  34. Judiasm yes . Zionism no. The state of izrael must go!

  35. If one studies Torah for the love of it and really studies, not just repeats, then he is defending the state but if one claims to study just to avoid service he is a slacker and should not be supported by the state.In addition don't the rabbis realize that frum soldiers will help set a better example for their secular buddies. The knit kibosh soldiers are legendary for this reason.

  36. The Israeli Rebbes against the draft, should not get any help nor hospitalization or medicine. Within 6 months they will all change their mind.

  37. IsraelShield says:

    Unlike you Elisha Ben Abuyahand Refael Tzvi Gartenberg I have brought Torah and halachic sources that back me up while you all use only cynicism and bashing of other Jews. Of course the State of Israel will not be the same when Moshiach does arrive. When Moshiach Tzindkeinu arrives all Jews, religious and those who have been less religious along with those who perverted Torah and believed in other ideals, like yourself, will be united under the Torah inEretz Yisrael.
    I hear in your voices the voices of the Meraglim as well as the leaders in the time of Ezra who laughed and scolded those who came back to Israel. Imagine that! Bnai Yisrael were on the last level of Tumaah and the 10 of the greatest rabbis of their time gave a Psak Halachca that it would be better to stay in the Midbar or even return to Mitzrayim than go into the land of Israel. SOUND FAMILIAR?!

    And yes, even Theodore Herzl who was not the most religious Jew and Rabbis you know who are single handedly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands as they forbade them to leave Europe for the Mitzvah of Yishuv Haaretz, will stand united and all will be forgiven because the truth will be clear.
    As per your advice to learn Torah, I do believe we all have a Chiyuv to learn but what I want to understand is, after clearly bringing Talmudic and Halachic sources to disprove and expose Joseph's mistakes, what gave you the inclination that I don't learn Torah?
    Furthermore, I want to understand from you who religiously oppose Jews coming back to Eretz Yisrael and hold yourself on a pious pedestal, which one of the "Gedoilim" allow you to be on the internet and respond and interact with people on Facebook?!
    Now if you would like to respond with Torah sources, you are welcome to. Otherwise, let it be clear to all who see your responses that it is a witness that you are ignorant and cannot handle the Torah and Halachic sources I brought.

  38. would you change your mind if someone would lose his time with you ? you already build up your idol and in look for some jewish blood. Torah,am israel and eretz israel forms a unity while the world was based on Torah. no Torah = no eretz israel. go and learn Torah

  39. IsraelShield says:

    Elisha Ben Abuyah No, you should read Masechet Ketubot and then the Rambam, Ramban, Rush, Tur, Shulchan Aruch and more. You use a Midrash Agada that is NOT halachic according the majority of poskim to bash Jews? The level of perversion is seriously warped.

    btw, remind me which one of your "Gedoilim" allow you to be on Facebook?!

  40. IsraelShield says:

    Elisha Ben Abuyah Actually, if you were to care even in the slightest about actual facts. There is more Torah being studied today in Eretz Yisrael than in the last 2000 years. I would say according to the numbers, The State of Israel is a HUGE success when it comes to Torah learning. Then again, what would one who misquotes Torah care about petty numbers.
    You never answered bte, which one of your Gedoilim allow you to have a Facebook account? I do believe you would be ASSURED to be an witness at a wedding.

  41. Zionists are not Jews and Jews are not zionists.

  42. IsraelShield says:

    Refael Tzvi Gartenberg Again your incapability to bring facts or correctly quoted Gemaras and Torah makes me wonder if you are at all a religious Jew. The Fact that you claim to be from the Hassidic sect but have yet to answer which Rabbi permits you to have internet let alone Facebook makes me wonder if you are not a Muslim or pro Palestinian activist without Jewish roots. In any case I think it is perfectly clear to anyone who reads this thread which one of us actually are knowledgeable when it comes to Torah and Gemara and which one of us rely on Jew bashing and disrespect. When the non Jews decide to turn on the Jewish population as they did in Europe, I hope your Rabbi will not make the same mistake the Satmar Rabbi did in the Holocaust and save himself by escaping on a ZIONIST transport rescue train.
    I do hope you respond because the more people read your ignorant responses the more they can be sure you do not represent Torah, Judaism or ever Charedim.
    The only passage from the Torah that represents your views is when the jackass of Bilam opened it's mouth. To you I say, "And God opened the mouth of the ass" Parshat Balak

  43. Yori Mendel says:

    So, simply go where they recognize. They love Israeli Money, but refuse everything else. They don't want a State, so leave if they won't support it, and stop sucking it's meal ticket. If they won't Serve, leave quietly.

  44. IsraelShield says:

    Yori Mendel The guys here are Americans and do not live in Israel. They act as the Palestinian propaganda does and hitch a ride when Israeli domestic problems come up.
    About the issue at hand, I do believe the Charedi population IN ISRAEL must start to show a stronger connection to what is happening in Israel and be part of both the defense and protection of the Jewish nation in Israel.
    While I do believe Torah is a priority and does protect Am Yisrael, there was never a Heter for a group of people to decide they will sit and learn while the nation is under attack. There are only 3 examples of people's who are exempt from going to war and a Yeshiva Bachur was NOT one of them.

  45. Dan Silagi says:

    These so-called "Jews" can pitch their tent in Iran; specifically, an uninhabited desert which Shelly Adelson has singled out as Ground Zero just in case Adelson ever gets to launch his "Shot Across the Bow" nuke.

  46. Yechiel Baum says:


  47. It's time to end the free ride!

  48. Yori Mendel says:

    We are Israeli, and have to afford their non-Allegiance, and housing. We get tired of the begging, with no compromise to serving like everyone else. Religious JEWS have served before. Snobs haven't.

  49. There is never an excuse for a "Rabbi" to be an am ha'aretz. Please point out the Gemorah that says "Moshiach cannot come as long as the State continues to exist." To the best of my knowledge, the state did not exist until 1948, well after the Gemorah was formulated! (Please do not cite the agadatta of the shalosh shevous as we A) never pasken halacha from an agadata, and B) The Avnei Nazer has extensively dealt with that agadatta. By the way, wasn't there a State during the time of the two Batai mikdoshos? Thought so.

  50. Alan Lattke says:

    Rabbi, can you provide the exact reference in the Gemara your are referring to? Thanks.

  51. Anonymous says:

    "Strange costumes and weird hair cuts do not make anyone holy." True! Look at Miley Cirus! (or the funny chicks wearing kippot to act like guys when they do not need to)

  52. We read in the contest with the Amalek
    when Moses lifted up his arms Israel prevailed. Did Moses hand affect the war, to make it or Break it?

    The Tanach answer's this, faith and belief, true belief is not at a point yet, where we can sit back and offer ourselves as a sacrifice to the modern day Amaleks.

    The Reb best are wrong, and this stance shows that there are demonic forces who are aligned in prayer to once again attempt to remove the law giver before Shalom comes- or Jerusalem.

    "For the world is the garden of my lover, And he my lover is the Kings of Kings."
    Rabbinical Ana

  53. Daniel Moshe Johnson says:

    Great discussion
    But keep in mind that the entire enemy camp is monitoring, no matter what the Rabbi ‘ s dispute, the IDF ain’t gonna go no where, And I respect the Rabbi’s, but on the matter of the battle we have in the physical, physical restraint militarily must be realized by all Jews.
    Sovereignty within the borders of Israel is a privilege protected by lives of soilders, only someone under the Black Masters magic spell would dispute.

    Oh yeah, The Black Master Prince of Persia exist, read your Torah and bibles.
    Adonai Ehad….

  54. Anonymous says:

    Torah learning and observance of mitzvot protect Israel just as much as the IDF. If the chilonim want to see yeshiva bochurim fight for Israel by being drafted into the army, then the chilonim should spend the same amount of time observing mitzvot and studying Torah. The truth is that the chilonim would rather die than spend their time studying Torah. Leave everyone to serve the country the way they can make the biggest contribution. Divine protection cannot be squandered. I am not Chareidi and my son will serve in the IDF when we make aliya.

  55. 2 questions:first,
    if the problem is loshan hora, why are you allowed to speak loshon hora about the Rebbes ofErets Yisrael- nonstop ?
    second,asfar as the army,should Israel "the Jewish state" be the ONLY place inthe world today where Yeshiva students will go to jail for studing Torah?

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