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Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Tuesday that “the State of Israel must go all the way”, and called on Israel to prosecute Operation Protective Edge to the “very end.”

Speaking at a press conference, Liberman said “the world must give us full diplomatic backing to go all the way. And by ‘go all the way,’ I don’t mean to deliver a blow. We must lead and end this operation with the IDF ruling the entire Gaza Strip. There is no way to operate without full IDF control of the Trip. There is no other way at the moment to deal with Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists who currently rule the Strip.”


Liberman continued, “ What is this idea, anyway, ‘ceasefire’? A ceasefire is the entrance to the net round. Every attempt to obtain a ceasefire is our silent agreement for Hamas to be able to continue building its strength.”



  1. I agree. If Gazan Arabs can’t manage their own affairs, time for Israel to take back Gaza and manage it.

    After all, Quran has said that ALLAH had ordained the Holy Land to the Jews (who descended from Jacob, Isaac, Abraham); and not to Arabs or Muslims (Q5:21, Q7:137-138, Q17:104, Q26:59).

    So Jews are the rightful owners of he Holy Land; not occupiers.

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