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Egypt has put forward a proposal for a 1 month ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, to begin at 7am on Tuesday.

Reportedly, Hamas has embraced the plan, and they are waiting for Netanyahu to respond.


There has been no comment from Jerusalem on this story, as of yet.

During the ceasefire, Israel and Hamas would continue to negotiate.

A month would give Hamas a lot of time to rebuild and reposition its rocket arsenal unhindered.

1 month from now, when the ceasefire would end (presuming that Hamas doesn’t break the ceasefire earlier) is Rosh Hashana.



  1. the world just busy themselves in engaging in folishness when they see thing can not be done in serious, just to project the world leaders are doing something in fixing the messy landscape of their undoings, no matter how silly.

  2. Israel has complied with too many "deals" to its detriment – acknowledged cease-fire agreements, given too much land away and for what? what has it achieved? Enough is enough – security is the main issue from the disease of hamas and isis, the only cure is what they will understand and that is to wipe out the problem once and for all. Remember Jericho? Encore!

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