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Homeless Jewish girls roam the streets of New York with their luggage.

New York police have arrested and charged a non-Jewish janitor at the Chabad 770 headquarters with molesting a young Israeli girl who was sleeping in a stairwell.

The incident provoked complaints of the lack of sleeping facilities for Jewish tourists who are essentially homeless.


The girl who fended off her attacker with screams is visiting from Israel for the month. She was sleeping in a stairwell leading to the women’s section of “770” when the attacker, of Hispanic descent, began to molest her.

Shomrim security officials tracked down the suspect, and the young woman was able to identify him in lineup.

Crown Heights Info reported that many women pay an organization that is supposed to provide housing and eating facilities for visitors, but young Jewish women have been seen roaming the streets with their luggage but without a place to stay for the night. Some of them sleep on benches in synagogues.



  1. Those girls being on the street is enough to break your heart. Are we not better than this? Some should take those girls in and also who ever this "organization" is, they need to be investigated and held responsible for their actions. If in doubt of what to do Read the Torah

  2. I can personally tell you that Chabad does many wonderful things…maybe they need some help with this issue so step foreword and let more than a few shekels ,or $$$$ if you must, flow. NYC is not a hateful city but it can be hard on visitors sometimes…my own mother went there during WW-II to work and was treated kindly by total strangers. Can we do less for these visitors?

  3. Why is this happening? Why do they come to the US without a sponsor? I would like to hear more about this. I completely support Israel and the Israeli people And, after assuring that they are legit I would welcome them in my home, not on the street.

  4. i would bet dollars to donuts, that we are hearing only half of this story. Israelis after tsava go off to Nepal, or wherever. Did this miskena really arrange where to stay? Nice to be free, and travel, heck, I did that many decades ago, but, "smoch, hakol yihiyeh b'seder" is not a life plan. My heart pains for her travails, but, i suspect, that our young traveler relied, on the old Israeli adage, sisma, of 'smoch", etc.. aizeh chaval. Thank god she did not undergo anything worse. Chabad is not an open hotel, did she contact someone and arrange sleeping arrangements? for sure NO. I am not a chassid. and for sure, not looking to make excuses for 770. sheesh, it's not a motel. you don't just show up, and expect to have a mattress. a bissel sechel. idiotim. For sure, if she had attempted to arrange in advance, Donald Levinson, she could have arranged a room. But she just arrived, smoch, and that is not a a. Your response is irresponsible. donald….If the security guard at 770 had called you at 10PM, would you have offered her a room in your home that night? eh??? dugree, tachlis???

  5. Sylvia, Chaiya, Jed, AND PARTICULARLY RONNY, the latter is clearly a chabad hater, jesus f christ, this backpacker shows up at 9PM, smoch, and no, there is no hostel at 770. NO HOSTEL, no one ever promised a hostel. If she had had minimum sechel, she would have called various institutions, including chabad (chagood) and at least attempted to find sleeping quarters for the night, or for more than one night. RONNY, are you on the list for accepting last minute backpackers. because, that is what we are dealing with. Her chevrah went probably to Nepal , after tsava, even more dangerous. no plans, smoch. jesus fn christ, Ronny sign up offering your home for a hostel for any and all Israeli 20+ year olds, who arrive here, with no advance plans. You are a hateful person, Ronny, and brain dead. Please, put your name on the list of "in lieu of hostel" Jewish providers of overnight accommodations for all Israeli's with an Israeli passport, BTW, would you take in an Israeli arab, in similar situation. like a Druze, who had done army service in border patrol. would you take in the Druze also, and if not, why not. Ronny, whatever your name is, you are a disgrace to the Jewish people…shame on you.

  6. Yocheved, that is praiseworthy. But why was this young Israeli backpacker sleeping in the hallway or stairwell at 770. why was she not at your home? because i would assume, that you had no idea, that she was there. and she made no arrangements. How can people fault 770 or the chabad community for the impulsive behavior of a 20 year old? I, for sure, am not blaming you. Did the security guard at 770 have instructions to call you, every time a young lady showed up, with no arrangements for layna? you miss the point, it's a two way street. You are not a mindreader, and not clairvoyant. Perhaps, being that you are organizationally connected, to the OU, you could put in place some takanot for just this type of situation. Where you would be notified. If the 20 year olds are irresponsible, (that is the age), perhaps, this is the siman from above, that someone like you, needs to put some system into place, so that you can go on housing for free. but you do not have ESP. dai.

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